African Refuge In Need Of Support

This a story about Gerald and Valerie a wonderful couple who originally came from Belgium and moved to Morocco, they noticed the plight of the street animals and wanted to help them. They came to the conclusion that they needed a larger plot of land which they found on a hill in a small Village, they started to build a home which they were hoping to help finance their project by opening a guest table and a few rooms in the future (similar to B&B). It soon became clear that the animals needed help ASAP so they then decided to build paddocks foranimals that needed help, they only take animals that are in desperate need of care and attention.
Gerald and Valerie help the people of the village with their animals, they also go out and feed the street animals which doesn't just entail cats and dogs but horses and Donkeys. They are a firm believer of spay and neuter and release and have an international team of vets that use their shelter to ensure this is done in a safe environment. They have also got a close relationship with the government to allow the animals that have been spayed and neutered to to wear ID tags that keep the animals safe on the street and won't be picked up.

All this takes funding for food, hay, medication and new projects

They have support from different countries which is a great help with funding but like many shelters they always need more to help more animals.

Gerald and Valerie are very dedicated in what they they wish to achieve regarding the animals in their care and on the streets


From Dusk 'til Dawn
An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement

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