Illuminati Use "Magick" Against Us

The Illuminati and their minions enjoy the certain knowledge that the spiritual realm not only exists and at all times interpenetrates our phenomenal world; they also know how to manipulate elements of these spiritual dimensions to make things occur at a given place and time according to their wishes.

On the more mundane level, they know how, through the manipulation of words, sounds and symbols, to change people and the flow of events of the world in which we all move.

If Magick can be defined as "The Art and Science of causing change (in our world) to occur in conformity with Will", then the Illuminati, who know with a certainty that the spiritual realm exists as a part of our "ordinary" sensory reality, have also learned how to bend, shape and manipulate that reality and the people within it to affect change which will benefit them.

They may do this through elaborate ritual, or by simply imposing their Will upon another through the strength of their thoughts. However, it is often desirable, and sometimes even necessary, to acquire the actual physical excreta of a person they wish to control. Therefore, strands of hair, one's fingernail clippings or a jot of blood will provide the "physical-spiritual link" between the one they wish to influence, and the controller.

In the case of the late Philip John Jones, the Illuminati may well have sent an agent or agents to gather the physical linkage they needed. For as surely as an insulated electrical wire will deliver its current to whatever is tethered at the other end, the direct physical link to the subject of their manipulation and attack will provide the most direct path for their influence.

Aware of his vulnerabilities, they used a "damsel in distress" to gain access to his personal space, and his personal castoffs (hair, nails, etc. found in his bathroom) in order to directly manipulate his health. And more than likely, to ensure the probability of their success, a mixture of home made "vitamins" compounded by his Inamorata of the moment were added to seal his fate.

As we sleepwalk through our daily lives, most of us rarely think how the spiritual world ALWAYS interpenetrates our own. We rarely question what may be happening in the World of Manifestation, the Spiritual world, where what is to become real begins to form and take shape before it actually appears in our Phenomenal World of physical reality.

We think of time as linear; we think of people and events as isolated, and yet quantum theory has proven that all things, all people, all events, are interconnected. This perpetual interconnection of all people and events in the continuum of time provide the Illuminati with the certainty that future events can be manipulated by the manipulation of signs, symbols, words, music, ritual and spells. This is Magick.

In the spiritual realm, the realm where "good" and "evil" coexist as readily as they do in the typically mundane sphere of our five senses, those with Wisdom of such things know that nothing happens by accident, nothing happens by chance, and that there is a design and purpose to everything, whether or not our intellect can perceive it; and that all things are interconnected, in both space and time, both from the past thru the present to the future.

And it is in that future, the pliable, plastic World of Becoming, the world of manifestation hardening into the reality of direct sensory experience, which can be changed and bent and shaped by those adroit at using the living symbols of these arcane arts to tamper with the destinies of a man, of men, and of mankind, as they see fit.

None of the Illuminati's manipulations enjoy a foregone conclusion of success; they only become successful because they brook no strong, knowledgeable resistance in our world to their operations on the planes of manifestation which interlock with our planes of physical reality.

It is not simply the ignorance of the Laws of the World of the Spirit -- which have nothing to do with "good" or "evil" since both reside in the spiritual realm as easily as they do in our sensory world -- which preclude us from challenging the Illuminati at their own game; it is the fact that our feeble, rational mind, (which bears as much relationship to full spectrum reality as our puny egos bear to the power and capacity of our total mind), cannot bear to admit that it does not have all the answers, or all the knowledge of all things in Heaven and Earth.

And it is from this arrogance of rational ego that The Illuminati will continue to be able to manipulate those who refuse to grasp and admit that their knowledge and use of the Laws of the Realm of the Sprit will continue to provide them with an unassailable advantage --- until we, too, fine tune our spiritual perceptions and learn to fight back and reverse the forces they have unleashed upon us to cause them the havoc they wish to inflict upon our world.

Until that time when we learn to become spiritual warriors for Truth, and learn the operational Laws of the Spiritual World; until we admit that the Spiritual World is an eternal part of our "normal" waking reality, we will continue to be blinded to the powers and abilities The Illuminati wield against an ignorant populace, separated from their heritage of Spiritual Divinity and Power.

By L.C. Vincent




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