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Child Flu Vaccine Contains Mercury


Up to a million under-fives have been inoculated against the flu virus with a controversial vaccine containing poisonous mercury

Pandemrix has been given to almost a quarter of all healthy babies and young children as well as thousands of older children with health problems. Inquiries by the Sunday Express reveal it contains a preservative made with a form of mercury that was phased out of childhood vaccines in 2004 after fears about its safety

The preservative, called thimerosal, has been linked with autism and developmental disorders in children and was withdrawn from childhood vaccines in the United States and parts of Europe 10 years ago. Yet the UK government has always insisted there is no persuasive evidence it poses a health risk. When it was withdrawn, Labour health minister Rosie Winterton said the move was part of “a global goal to minimise environmental exposure to mercury”. However, many experts disagree. Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of the book, The Truth About Vaccines, said: “Thimerosal is an extremely toxic substance and known poison to the brain.

“There is enough convincing evidence linking thimerosal with developmental disorders and learning problems in individual children to warrant its removal from any childhood vaccine.

“It is irresponsible to administer a jab with little proven benefit which contains potentially harmful toxic substances.”

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Whooping Cough Vaccine Doubts


What’s Really to Blame for California’s Whooping Cough Epidemic?

Posted By Dr. Mercola

An investigation by California news agencies and watchdog organizations is raising serious concerns about whether the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine is actually working.

In 2010, nearly 1,000 adults and children have tested positive for whooping cough -- and more than half of them had been vaccinated.
According to 10News:

"... [S]cientists ... discovered the pertussis bacteria had mutated almost two decades ago ... [T]he new generation of vaccines, which came out around the same time, was not tested on the mutation ... [T]he new strain can overpower the vaccine."

For an eye-opening look at the current situation, watch the KPBS videos linked below, especially the one from December 16. You will learn just how often the vaccine fails and start to understand how immunized people are actually spreading the disease. They also examine why most people have never heard of these facts -- because the experts who influence vaccine policy have strong ties to vaccine companies.

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Pharmaceutical Terrorism


Is Alive and Well

Dr. Suzanne Humphries writes, “It’s fall in the northern hemisphere and more than one type of darkness has set in. Vaccines are being injected at lightning speed. New vaccines, untested vaccines, double-strength flu vaccines for the over-65 group; none of which have been shown to be effective at keeping anyone healthy. The naïve are lining up at clinics, shopping malls, and retail stores. They don’t know which kind of vaccine they will receive. Which manufacturer is it? Does it have mercury? What chemicals does it contain? Why should they care? Why would they not trust their doctor (or their local pharmacist)?”

Pfizer Inc. said Friday it is pulling its blood pressure drug Thelin off the market and stopping all clinical trials because the drug can cause fatal liver damage.

H1N1 vaccine is now being linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages but the government does not care about this form of terrorism because they are terrorists at heart and by nature at the CDC and the FDA. A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine-related fetal demise.

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H1N1 Vaccine Linked To 700% Increase In Miscarriages


Recent data presented to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Advisory Committee on Children's Vaccines has revealed some shocking information about the effects of the H1N1 / swine flu vaccine on pregnant women. According to the report, the rate of miscarriage among pregnant women during the 2009 H1N1 / swine flu pandemic soared by over 700 percent compared to previous years, pointing directly to the vaccine as the culprit -- but the CDC denies the truth and continues to insist nobody has been harmed.

According to the CDC, nearly 50 percent of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine during the 2009 / 2010 influenza season. Those whose physicians instructed them to get a seasonal flu shot were three times more likely to get it, while those instructed specifically to get the H1N1 shot were ten times more likely to get it. And the numbers clearly show that along with the rise in vaccinations due to the H1N1 scare came the sharp increase in miscarriages, including a slew of actual reported adverse events.

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Plans To Increase Vaccine Dose For Kids


UK to boost vaccination rates by pumping babies with six vaccines at once

Apparently drug companies are no longer satisfied with a tiered vaccine schedule, and would rather have babies receive their shots all at the same time in order to ensure full compliance. A recent announcement by the U.K. Department of Health insists that babies should receive a six-in-one "super-vaccination" when they turn age one, for the primary purpose of increasing vaccination rates.

Normally, U.K. babies receive their meningitis shots separate from other shots, with about a month of buffer time in between. But officials are now telling general practitioners (GPs) to give three measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, as well as two meningitis vaccines and a pneumonia vaccine, all at the same time. And they claim that there is no health risk involved with babies getting this barrage of vaccines.

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Swine Flu Jab ‘May Cause’ Deadly Nerve Disease


Experts admit swine flu jab 'may cause' deadly nerve disease

Health chiefs have for the first time acknowledged that the swine flu jab may be linked to an increased risk of developing a deadly nerve condition. Experts are examining a pos­sible association between the controversial jab and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, according to a report from official watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Previously, the Government has always stressed there is no evidence to link the paralysing condition to the H1N1 vaccine.

After The Mail on Sunday revealed in August 2009 that doctors were being asked to monitor cases of GBS during the swine flu pandemic, a letter from the Health Protection Agency’s chief executive Justin McCracken stated: ‘There is no evidence to suggest an increased risk of GBS from the vaccines being developed to fight the current pandemic.’

Now the MHRA’s newly published report suggests the Government’s position has changed. It says: ‘Given the uncer­tainties in the available information and as with seasonal flu vaccines, a slightly elevated risk of GBS following H1N1 vaccines cannot be ruled out. Epidemiological studies are ongoing to further assess this possible association.’ It is not known precisely what causes GBS but the condition attacks the lining of the nerves, leaving them unable to transmit signals to muscles effectively.

It can cause partial paralysis and mostly affects the hands and feet – but it can be fatal.

The MoS report last year

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Vaccine Lawsuits Opened?


Landmark case could allow injured persons to once again sue vaccine makers

Vaccines are implicated in causing all sorts of health damage, from neurological disorders like autism and Alzheimer's disease to intestinal problems like ulcerative colitis and Chron's disease -- and everything in between. And a vaccine injury case currently before the Supreme Court could be the landmark decision that once again allows those injured by vaccines to sue vaccine manufacturers for damages, a course of action that has been barred since 1986 because of special federal protections enacted to immunize vaccine manufacturers against having to abide by the rule of law.

Nearly 25 years ago, the U.S. Congress passed the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which exempts vaccine manufacturers from being liable for damages caused by their vaccines. The Act established an entirely new "legal" system to deal specifically with vaccine injury cases, handling each one in a special "vaccine court" that essentially just dismisses most cases as unwarranted.

The Act is entirely unconstitutional as no company or entity can legally be exempted from due process within the real legal system, but it was enacted anyway and has served as a shelter for vaccine companies to hide behind in order to avoid costly litigation. And since the medical industry as a whole continues to deny a link between vaccines and autism, for instance, the "vaccine courts" can just automatically go along with the notion and arbitrarily reject all autism-related vaccine cases as unsubstantiated.

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Vaccine Damage Is Very Real


Vaccine Damages Are No One’s Illusion

Dr. Mark Sircus

India has seen three vaccine disasters in 2010, resulting in four deaths after the measles vaccine and six deaths after the HPV vaccine, so is it any wonder that the citizens of India are wary of having the H1N1 vaccine? The Indian public is not alone in refusing the vaccine, as Finland and Sweden have suspended the H1N1 vaccine by Glaxo Smith Kline, Pandermix, linking it to the sudden rise in the numbers of cases of the sleep disorder, narcolepsy. Finland reported that they have seen a staggering 300 percent rise in the cases of this extremely rare disorder in children who have had the vaccine.

The Hindu reported that Poland has rejected the vaccine altogether stating, “Poland has become the only country to reject H1N1 vaccines, in a decision fraught with risk amid worldwide warnings of a spreading epidemic. The country rejected the vaccines over safety fears and distrust in the drug companies producing them—concerns international health experts reject as unfounded.”

We also find a vaccine boycott in Ukraine. According to the Associated Press report, Vaccine scare in Ukraine threatens health,“Hundreds of thousands of fearful Ukrainians have refused vaccines for diseases such as diphtheria, mumps, polio, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, whooping cough, and others this year, according to official estimates. Authorities have canceled a U.N.-backed measles and rubella vaccination campaign funded by U.S. philanthropist Ted Turner and will have to collect and incinerate nearly nine million unused doses in coming months.”

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Flu Shot Propaganda Uses Strip Clubs


Shameless flu shot pushers use strip clubs to entice people into medically useless vaccinations

As predicted, the great flu shot charade is now well upon us in North America, with vaccine pushers urging everyone to hurry up and go get vaccinated. But this year, they've upped the desperation of their tactics. That's because people are waking up and actively refusing a vaccine shot that scientifically produces no benefits while actually weakening the immune system and causing increased susceptibility to future infections

In Louisiana, they've turned a stadium into a flu shot injection processing center (, hoping to rally tens of thousands to go there and get vaccinated. Only 670 people actually showed up. In Polk County, Iowa, they've unveiled a flu shot drive-through clinic, where health officials have excitedly announced "people who receive vaccinations won't have to get out of their cars." Because, of course, actually getting out of your car is apparently too much to ask from the kind of people who line up to be vaccinated in the first place.

All across the mainstream media this week, newspapers and websites are screaming about how pregnant women must be vaccinated because "it helps the baby." What they don't tell you is that vaccines cause miscarriages, so you might technically call vaccines "abortion injections." This supports Bill Gates' desire to use vaccines to reduce the global population

But the real winner in all this vaccine nonsense is Casselberry, Florida, where flu vaccine pushers have turned a strip club into a vaccination headquarters. If you're a resident of the city, you get a flu vaccine shot for free! There's no lap dance included. You have to pay extra for that.

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Human Experimental Conspiracy


Government collusion in human medical experiments no longer just a conspiracy theory

It used to be that when you talked about Big Government conspiring with Big Pharma to use human beings as guinea pigs in bizarre medical experiments, people would look at you as if you were some kind of loon. "Oh, the American government would never do that," they'd say, smug in their self assurance that they are somehow ruled by compassionate, honest government operatives and corporate do-gooders who are always looking out for the public's best interest.

Imagine their shock when the thin veil of disinformation was lifted with last Saturday's announcement that the U.S. government was apologizing for intentionally infecting innocent Guatemalans with diseases so they could study the effects of antibiotic drugs.

All of a sudden, all those people who somehow thought medical science was all about protecting people found themselves stunned -- and even ashamed -- to learn that their own government would conspire with the medical industry to intentionally engage in such behavior.

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Vaccine Blamed For Child Convulsions


Australia blames a flu vaccine for child convulsions

As the northern hemisphere braces itself for the flu season, and for the first time the US recommends flu vaccination for everyone over 6 months of age, Australia has confirmed that its main seasonal flu vaccine, Fluvax, caused convulsions in 99 children, all of whom recovered. Fluvax is made by the Australian firm CSL.

Epidemiologists insist that the benefits of flu vaccines outweigh the risks, however, and are calling for better surveillance to pick up occasional problems faster.

Last March, Australia started vaccinating ahead of the southern hemisphere's flu season. All the drug firms' vaccines contained three killed strains of flu, one of which was last year's pandemic strain, which persists as the dominant seasonal virus in Australia, North America and elsewhere.

In early April, reports came in of children with fever and convulsions following vaccination. On 22 April Australia suspended flu vaccination for children under 5. In late July, vaccination resumed with other makers' vaccines, but not CSL's Fluvax.

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Glaxo Vaccine Failure


Glaxo Meets Big Disappointment in Failed Herpes Vaccine

An effort that began eight years ago to develop a herpes simplex vaccine for women has ended in failure and uncertainty. After assessing final Phase III trial results, the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) vaccine, known as Simplirix, failed to meet its primary endpoint, which was preventing genital herpes. However, it remains unclear why the vaccine was not effective. Safety issues were not cited as a problem.

The outcome is a huge disappointment for the drugmaker, which has been attempting to expand its portfolio of vaccine products, given that an estimated one in four women in the US alone has genital herpes. In other words, the afflication is one of the most common infectious diseases and that can translate into huge revenues.

The study, which was a randomized, double-blind trial, was undertaken with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and tested 8,323 women between 18 and 30 years old, who were tested at 50 sites in the United States and Canada. Participants received either Simplirix or a version of Havrix, an FDA-approved vaccine for thwarting hepatitis A that is sold by Glaxo (see the NIAID statement and a question-and-answer from the agency).

Earlier studies were encouraging. These involved men and women who did not have genital herpes but whose sexual partners were known to be infected, and the vaccine prevented genital herpes disease in more than 70 percent of the female volunteers although there was no clear effect in men. Moreover, Simplirix reduced the risk of developing antibodies to herpes, which are used as an indicator that a person has been infected with HSV, by 40 percent.


Vaccines To Control World Population


Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

In a recent TED conference presentation, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts, speaks on the issue of CO2 emissions and its effects on climate change. He presents a formula for tracking CO2 emissions as follows: CO2 = P x S x E x C.

P = People
S = Services per person
E = Energy per service
C = CO2 per energy unit

Then he adds that in order to get CO2 to zero, "probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty close to zero."

Following that, Bill Gates begins to describe how the first number -- P (for People) -- might be reduced. He says:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

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Glaxo Vaccine Bowel Risk


FDA sees bowel risk in early Glaxo vaccine data

GlaxoSmithKline Plc's rotavirus vaccine may be linked to a small increase in a life-threatening type of bowel obstruction, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday.

Early data from a study in Mexico suggested infants given the Rotarix vaccine may face a higher chance of an intestinal problem known as intussusception in the 31 days after their first dose, the Food and Drug Administration said on its website.

"Although the results are preliminary and will require further evaluation, FDA approved revised labeling to inform healthcare providers of this finding," the agency said.

Rotavirus is the world's leading cause of severe diarrhea and dehydration in young infants. The benefits of rotavirus vaccines continue to outweigh risks, the FDA said.

Glaxo's rotavirus vaccine sales in 2009 were $440 million globally, including $118 million in the United States.

The British drug company's shares slipped 0.7 percent to $40.06 in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

(Reporting by Lisa Richwine; Editing by Maureen Bavdek)

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Infant Vaccine Dangers Exposed


Hidden government papers expose lies about measles vaccines for infants

British government policy on measles vaccination for children has changed for no discernible reason notes Christina England, writing on, citing an internal document from 1968.

The document, titled "Notes On the Use and Storage of Measles Vaccine (Live Attenuated) for Routine Vaccines," clearly states in Section 7 that the vaccine should not be given to children under the age of nine months old. According to the paper's authors, the presence of maternal antibodies in the blood of such children interferes with the action of the vaccine, making it ineffective. Instead, the government recommended vaccination at the age of two after vaccination for diptheria, polio, tetanus and whooping cough.

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Millions of Chinese Oppose Mass Vaccination Plan


The World Health Organization is at it again trying to push mass vaccinations, this time on the people of China. But its efforts to "eradicate measles" by vaccinating 100 million Chinese children have fueled widespread protest by Chinese citizens who not only distrust their own government's health recommendations, but also believe that the vaccines are dangerous.

According to the Boston Globe, the Chinese government recently announced a ten-day measles immunization drive that sparked an outcry from concerned citizens over the safety of the vaccines. According to reports, internet bulletin boards have been overflowing with chatter about the campaign, and countless text messages continue to be exchanged among citizenry about potential dangers from getting the vaccine.

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Vaccination & Science - A Conflict


Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines

As someone with a good deal of education in scientific thinking and the scientific method, I have put considerable effort into attempting to find any real scientific evidence backing the widespread use of influenza vaccines (flu season shots). Before learning about nutrition and holistic health, I was a computer software entrepreneur, and I have a considerable scientific background in areas such as astronomy, physics, human physiology, microbiology, genetics, anthropology and human psychology. One of my most-admired thought leaders is, in fact, the late physicist Richard Feynman.

I don't speak from a "scientific" point of view on NaturalNews very often because it's often a dry, boring presentation style. But I do know the difference between real science and junk science, and I find examples of junk science in both the "scientific" side of things as well as the "alternative" side of things.

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Finland Suspends H1N1 Children Vaccine


Finland suspends H1N1 vaccines after children suffer narcolepsy from vaccinations

Shortly after Australia banned flu vaccines in children due to an alarming increase in vomiting, fevers and seizures caused by the vaccines, Finland has now suspended H1N1 vaccines due to increased reports of narcolepsy in children and teens. Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It indicates a serious malfunction of the brain and nervous system.

Finland is now reporting that narcolepsy is appearing in children immediately following vaccination with H1N1 vaccines. So far, six children are confirmed of suffering the neurological side effect and nine more are in the process of being confirmed, reports The Epoch Times

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Admission of Guilt Over MMR Vaccine Damage - Poxy Payout


Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son: £90,000 payout is first since concerns over vaccine surfaced

A mother whose son suffered severe brain damage after he was given the controversial MMR vaccine as a baby has been awarded £90,000 compensation. The judgment is the first of its kind to be revealed since concerns were raised about the safety of the triple jab. Robert Fletcher, 18, is unable to talk, stand unaided or feed himself.

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Flu Plan Scandal Ahead



Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, discusses the outcome of last year’s swine flu debacle, and the potentially harmful changes that are being made to this season’s flu vaccine as a result.

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Vaccines and Neurological Damage


Vaccinations are very neurotoxic and have been associated with many neurological disorders, like encephalopathies, epilepsy, convulsions, ADD, LD, autism, mental retardation, depression, anxiety, CNS disorders, paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, nerve deafness, blindness and SIDS. The neurological disorders associated with vaccinations are diverse and numerous. Vaccinations lower IQ as well as contribute to the overt mental disorders and neurological diseases listed here. The relationship of vaccinations to encephalopathies and neurological diseases have been surfacing in medical journals since the advent of mass vaccination programs. Autism was unheard of before vaccinations, and parallel mass vaccination programs very nicely. ADD and learning disorders in children are now being traced to childhood vaccinations, as well as convulsions, paralysis, and epilepsy. Brain damage is by far the most common adverse reaction associated with vaccinations, although their actual numbers are not often reported correctly.

List of Vaccination-induced Neurological disorders:

* Meningitis Paralysis
* Paralytis polio
* Ms Gullain Barre Syndrome
* Hyperactivity - ADD, LD
* Demyelinization diseases
* Auto-immune Diseases Epilepsy
* Convulsions - Seizures
* Mental confusion - lowered IQ
* Brain tumors (SV-40)

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Flu Advisors Ties to Vaccine Manufactures


WHO list reveals flu advisors with financial ties to pharma, vaccine manufacturers

After months of stalling, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally revealed the names of key pandemic advisors who influenced its decision to declare a phase six pandemic last year -- a decision that resulted in a financial windfall for vaccine manufacturers. As you'll see here, that list includes at least five expert advisors received money from vaccine companies.

Here's who received money from Big Pharma and then influenced the WHO decision to declare a pandemic:

Arnold Monto is a professor from the United States who has received money from virtually all the major vaccine manufacturers: GSK, Novartis, Roche, Baxter and Sanofi Pasteur. He has specifically been given grant money by Sanofi Pasteur to study influenza vaccines.

Nancy Cox works for the US Centers for Disease Control, which already maintains a pro-vaccine stance while utterly ignoring the importance of vitamin D in halting infectious disease. Nancy took funds from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) to conduct work on vaccines.

John Wood works at Britain's National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC). They've taken money from Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis and several other companies focused on influenza vaccine research.

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Flu Jab Linked to Fits in Under Fives


GPs have been told not to use a particular flu jab on 110,000 children under five after it was linked with a tenfold increase in fits, it can be revealed.

Children under five are only routinely vaccinated against seasonal flu if they are in designated 'risk groups' because they have chronic asthma

Doctors should stock alternative vaccines for under fives who are due to have the seasonal flu vaccine this winter, a letter from the head of immunisation at the Department of Health has said. The action is being taken as rate of convulsions caused by high fever among children in Australia given the jab was ten times higher than normal.

Up to one in 100 children given the jab, made in Australia by CSL and marketed in the UK by Pfizer, suffered febrile convulsions in the following hours and days.It is not known what is causing the problem and no other flu vaccines have been linked to an increased risk of fits. Adults given the vaccine do not appear to have been affected.

Children under five are only routinely vaccinated against seasonal flu if they are in designated 'risk groups' because they have chronic asthma, have been admitted to hospital with a respiratory infection previously or have other long-term conditions which means they would be particularly badly affected if they caught flu. Seasonal flu vaccines contain three strains which have been identified by the World Health Organisation as the most common in circulation that year. This year the vaccines contain the pandemic strain H1N1.

The letter to all GPs from Prof David Salisbury, said: "Epidemiological information from Australia indicates that there has been a higher than expected increase in febrile convulsions in children related to the use of Fluvax (manufactured by CSL).

"This is the same product that will be marketed in the UK by Pfizer as Enzira and generic influenza vaccine for the 2010/11 influenza vaccination season.

"Evidence from Australia suggests a rate of febrile convulsions of about one per 100 for children who were vaccinated with Fluvax. This increased risk appears to be a product specific reaction and evidence from Australia of vaccination with other products has so far not indicated a similar level of risk.

"It is important that children over six months of age who are in clinical risk groups receive influenza vaccination. Given the availability of other influenza vaccine products, you should avoid offering Enzira or CSL Biotherapies generic influenza vaccine marketed by Pfizer to children aged under five years."

He added that the medicines regulator will be monitoring the situation.

Febrile convulsions affect around one in 20 children and are normally caused by an infection. The body reacts to the high fever with the child losing consciousness and their legs and arms jerk. They may go pale or turn blue briefly and after a few minutes the shaking normally stops.

The attacks can be very frightening for parents and children are usually admitted to hospital after the first convulsion to establish the cause. Some children are particularly prone to them but they are not normally dangerous.

In Australia, which is in its winter, stopped vaccinating all children under five when the increased rate of convulsions was found. It has since restarted vaccinating with other products.

A spokesman for Pfizer said: "The cause of the unexpected increased frequency of febrile convulsions remains unknown and investigations continue. Pfizer and CSL are working closely with regulatory authorities, health agencies and distribution partners to determine the most appropriate way to provide influenza vaccine for the Northern Hemisphere 2010/2011 influenza season.

"While, Pfizer supports the current precautionary approach to the use of our influenza vaccine in children under five years of age, it should be noted that the vast majority of patients in the UK receiving the influenza vaccine are adults, and febrile convulsions are not seen in the adult population.

"In addition, there is no evidence that the vaccine poses any increased risks to other groups, including pregnant women and those aged over 65.

"Pfizer and CSL are committed to ensuring the quality and safety our products. Pfizer is in ongoing dialogue with the Department of Health to help ensure the successful implementation of the 2010/11 Flu immunisation programme."

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "As part of the Australian flu vaccination programme, a number of children were given a brand of flu vaccine known as Enzira (Fluvax in Australia). A small proportion of these children, aged under 5, had fits after they had this vaccine.

"The vaccine is also marketed in the UK as CSL Biotherapies generic influenza vaccine. It contains three strains of the flu virus that experts predict are most likely to be around this winter including swine flu (H1N1).

"We are asking GPs in the UK to avoid offering this vaccine to the under 5s in the coming flu season, there are several other vaccines available that are suitable for this age group. There is currently no indication that the vaccine poses any increased risks to other groups.

"Having the flu jab remains the best protection against flu and we recommend that people get vaccinated when they’re offered it in the autumn."


HPV Vaccine Blinds 16 year Old Girl


A 16-year-old girl lost nearly all of her vision within 10 days of receiving the second course of her vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV), reports a case study in the Journal of Child Neurology.

The HPV vaccine is designed to prevent infection by the strains of the virus that are responsible for the majority of cervical cancer and genital warts cases.
The study recounts the case of a previously healthy teenage girl who developed a headache on the left side of her head and began to lose vision in her right eye eight days after receiving her second HPV vaccine shot. Over the course of the following 48 hours, the pain spread across her head and she began to lose sight in her left eye as well.

At this point, the girl went to the emergency room, where doctors found her vital signs to be normal with no indication of infection or systemic illness. While under supervision, her vision continued to deteriorate until she was able to identify light and movement only from the left eye, and then only inconsistently. She reported no symptoms prior to the onset of headache and vision loss and had not experienced any recent disease or trauma.

Further examination revealed demyelination in her brain and along her optic nerves. In demyelination, characteristic of multiple sclerosis and similar diseases, the protective myelin sheath around nerve cells degrades, leading to interrupted nerve signaling.

Eighteen months after her initial visit, the teenager had recovered from her weakness but her vision had not improved.

Although the HPV vaccine is widely promoted for teenage girls, its safety and effectiveness have primarily been tested in women over the age of 18. No evidence yet exists that vaccination reduces rates of genital warts or cervical cancer, or deaths from cervical cancer.

Sources for this story include:


Flu Shots Suspended after Kids Hospitalised


The Western Australian Government has suspended all flu vaccinations for children under five while it investigates a spike in admissions to Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.

The Health Minister, Kim Hames, says 45 children have been taken to hospital suffering high temperatures and febrile convulsions after receiving the vaccination.

Dr Hames says the program will be suspended until the department finishes its investigation.

He says parents who have had their children vaccinated should take precautions.

"If it's longer than 12 hours ago then there is no risk," he said.

"But if it's in the last 12 hours they should make sure that they give their child paracetamol and then take every effort to make sure that the temperature of their child is settled."

Dr Hames says parents can call Health Direct for more information on +611800 022 222


Mumps Outbreak Among People Who Got Vaccinated Against Mumps 77% Infected


Mike Adams
Natural News

To hear the vaccine pushers say it, all the recent outbreaks of mumps and measles are caused by too few people seeking out vaccinations. It’s all those “non-vaccinated people” who are a danger to society, they say, because they can spread disease. Reality tells a different story, however: It is the vaccinated people who are causing these outbreaks and spreading disease!

Just this week, an outbreak of mumps among more than 1,000 people in New Jersey and New York has raised alarm among infectious disease authorities. The outbreak itself is not unusual, though. What’s unusual is that the health authorities slipped up and admitted that most of the people infected with mumps had already been vaccinated against mumps.

In Ocean County, New Jersey, county spokeswoman Leslie Terjesen told CNN that 77 percent of those who caught mumps had already been vaccinated against mumps. 77 of those infected had been vaccinated. Usually this information is censored out of the press. The vaccine industry wants the public to believe that vaccines are effective at preventing infection. So the media typically refrains from reporting what percentage of the infected people were already vaccinated against the infectious disease. But in this case, the 77 percent figure slipped out. And now intelligent observers are increasingly seeing the truth about these vaccines:

• Infectious disease vaccines simply don’t work. If they did, then why did all these children who were already vaccinated still get mumps?

• Vaccines may actually increase your risk of disease. Notice that far more vaccinated children were stricken with mumps than non-vaccinated children?

• The people who administer vaccines never tell you that their vaccines don’t really work. They tell you that you’ll be “protected” with the vaccine, implying a near-100% level of protection (which is blatantly false).

• Even if you’re vaccinated against a disease, you may still catch that disease anyway! So what’s the point of the vaccine?

The lies of the CDC

The CDC claims the mumps vaccine is 76 to 95 percent effective, but they offer no scientific evidence whatsoever to support that claim. To date, there has never been a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study published on the mumps vaccine in humans. The so-called “scientific” evidence supporting these vaccines is purely imaginary.

I still have a $10,000 reward offered for anyone who can provide a single scientific study proving the safety and effectiveness of any H1N1 vaccine. To date, not a single person has stepped forward to claim that $10,000. I might as well raise the reward to a million dollars, because I’ll never have to pay it: There is no scientific evidence proving the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines!

Does being vaccinated raise your risk of infection?

The CDC also says that 2009 was a bad year for mumps outbreaks. They blame all the people who refuse to be vaccinated for causing these outbreaks. Their theory, of course, is based on the imaginary idea that mumps vaccines halt mumps infections. But once again, it’s all imaginary! As we saw this week in New Jersey, most of the people who get infected in these outbreaks are the very people who were vaccinated!

If mumps vaccines actually worked, then what you should see instead is the mumps infection spreading among those who refused the vaccines, right? It’s only logical.

In fact, if vaccines really work, then why should the vaccinated people be bothered at all by those who don’t get vaccinated? After all, if their vaccines protect themselves from disease, then non-vaccinated people are no threat to them, right? So why are vaccinated people so pushy about forcing non-vaccinated people to get vaccinated?

The shocking truth about infectious disease and vaccines, however, is very different from what you’re told by the drug companies (and the health authorities who pander to their interests): Some vaccines may actually promote the very diseases they claim to prevent!

That may be why 77% of those who recently got mumps in New Jersey were, in fact, the very people who were vaccinated against mumps. The vaccine may, in fact, weaken your immune system against future infections, causing you to become more susceptible to future outbreaks.

Many thousands of Americans who died from H1N1 swine flu were the very people who got vaccinated against H1N1

The great vaccine hoax exposed

Take a look at nearly every outbreak of infectious disease in recent years and you’ll find the same pattern. You’ll either see that most of those who got infected were already vaccinated, or you’ll see those statistics completely stripped out of all media reports.

It’s all part of the grand vaccine cover-up. Vaccines simply do not work as promised. Vaccines do not offer the level of protection against infectious disease that they promise. In fact, vaccines are far less effective than vitamin D in preventing infections!

Instead of shooting up our children with over 100 different vaccines (which is now standard practice, by the way), what we should be doing is boosting their immune function with vitamin D, zinc and immune-boosting nutrients from medicinal plants. That would protect them from all common infectious diseases at the same time, and it doesn’t require needles or the use of dangerous chemical preservatives like thimerosal, which is linked to autism.

Don’t believe the recent attacks on Dr. Wakefield. This was an organized smear campaign designed to discredit Dr. Wakefield before he could publish the results of his “14 monkeys” study that shows severe neurological harm caused by vaccines given to young primates.

There is a way to protect people from infectious disease: Give them the immune-boosting nutrients their immune systems need to defend themselves against disease. Outbreaks of infectious disease would plummet along with seasonal flu deaths.

Of course, so would sales of vaccines. And that’s the whole reason you never hear health authorities recommending vitamin D even though it’s far more effective than any vaccine at preventing infectious disease. The CDC, we now know, is little more than the marketing branch of Big Pharma’s vaccine operations. That’s why the former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, is now suddenly the president of Merck’s worldwide vaccine division.

Vaccines make lots of money, but they don’t make people immune to disease. The fact that so many vaccinated people are being stricken with the very diseases they were vaccinated against is proof that vaccines fail to deliver what they promise.

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Canadian Swine Flu Vaccine Reaction Reporting Page Logs Deaths, Strokes, Paralysis


A Canadian website has received well over 100 reports of people who suffered severe adverse reactions to the swine flu jab, including deaths, after they set up a reaction reporting page.

The Toronto Sun on January 30th carried a story on the case of Donna Hartlen, a young mother who is now partially paralyzed, diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, after receiving the jab.

But Dee Nicholson says Donna Hartlen is just one case in many: she says that people took the jab without being properly informed of the risks and can sue on this basis.


Dee Nicholson Report Comment

February 1st 2010, 9:30pm

As tragic as this young woman's story is, I direct readers to the H1N1 Adverse Reaction Reporting Page at where they will find that she is far from the only one reporting dire problems after the H1N1 jab.

On our reporting page we have well over 100 cases of people who continue to suffer, many of them children. We have dead parents, and dead children, young people having strokes, being paralyzed, suffering numbness, tingling, severe pain, migraines, whole body hives, and many more symptoms. The uniform response from the medical community is "Oh, it couldn't be the shot". Why not?

Guess what? YES SHE CAN SUE: there's a small detail called INFORMED CONSENT... and she didn't get it! Girl, CALL A LAWYER!

One small needle, a world of trouble


Donna Hartlen, a young mother who is now partially paralyzed, has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Hartlen, seen in her hospital room with her husband Wayne Burke, blames the H1N1 flu shot. (STAN BEHAL, Toronto Sun) Downstairs in the rehab wing of Markham Stouffville hospital, in a private room with a sunny window, lies Donna Hartlen, a young mother who is now partially paralyzed. The Whitby woman can’t stand without leaning on a walker and her legs are too numb to allow her to walk for more than a few steps. The right side of her face is paralyzed, she can’t properly chew solid food and her right eye is bandaged because she can no longer blink to protect it. Until five weeks ago, she was a perfectly healthy woman spending Christmas with her family in Nova Scotia. And then on Dec. 29 she was rushed to an emergency room in Halifax, suddenly unable to stand on feet.

The doctors diagnosed her with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition characterized by sudden weakness or paralysis. And while no one seems willing to discuss the likely cause, the 39-year-old knows exactly where the fault lies. She blames the H1N1 flu shot she received on Dec. 13 - two weeks before her symptoms suddenly appeared. Of course, there is no way to know for certain. But Hartlen has only grown more convinced since chatting by chance in the hall with the older gentleman from the hospital room next door. Don Gibson has GBS as well, with legs so numb now that he is confined to a wheelchair. It turns out that not only was he also vaccinated against H1N1, but he got the shot just two days before Hartlen, in the very same Markham doctors’ office.

“It’s way too coincidental,” insists the slight mom, her words slurred because the right side of her face will not move. “It’s either a bad batch or a lot more people are getting this than they are talking about.”

Her 80-year-old neighbour is equally convinced that the H1N1 vaccine to blame. “It must have been a bad batch,” Gibson believes. “But nobody is saying anything. I know I signed a piece of paper and there’s no liability but it’s pretty scary.” They are now comrades in arms, an unlikely duo who share a rare illness and a similar vaccination history that no one wants to acknowledge.

According to the Public Health Agency, there are about 600-700 new GBS cases a year in Canada, caused usually by food-borne bacteria, respiratory infections or surgery. “The risk of getting GBS after any flu vaccine is about one case for every million doses distributed,” the website says. “The benefit of the vaccine outweighs this theoretical risk.”

So far, the agency says they haven’t had any unusual spike in GBS - there’s been 22 cases following the H1N1 vaccination - or .87 per million doses distributed. But Hartlen questions how many GBS patients are actually being reported; she says she was the one who finally called her local public health department because no medical professional seemed interested in the possible connection.

“Not a single doctor we’ve talked with will even remotely discuss that it’s the H1N1 shot,” marvels Hartlen. “They almost pretend they don’t hear you. They don’t want to alarm the public and they don’t want you to stir up trouble.”

So GBS patients like Hartlen and Gibson are on their own. Right now, Quebec is the only province with a no-fault vaccine injury compensation program in place. “It’s a horror story of how little Ontario will do to help patients that come down with this after the government promotes it so much,” complains her husband, Wayne Burke. They have two little girls at home, just 4 and 2. He works full-time at Telus; she was a self-employed business systems analyst. With no family in Whitby, they flew in her parents from Nova Scotia, but the elderly couple can’t look after the kids indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Hartlen has been told it can take months - and up to a year - before she completely regains all movement. So how is the partially-paralyzed mom supposed to take care of two young children until then? “If my kids were 10 and 12 it would be different. But a four and two-year-old need 100% attention and I can’t give it to them,” she worries. So she’s hardly unreasonable in expecting some kind of government support. But after countless phone conversations with every level of bureaucrat, she’s learned there will be no such thing.

“They’re the ones who push this vaccine. They promote it every five minutes on TV. So I do what they say and I get GBS and they’re not going to help me?

“I need help for my kids - I’m not looking for anything extravagant. I’m not an ambulance chaser. I don’t want to sue anybody. I just want to get my kids looked after while their father is at work.”

Instead, there is only a shameful silence.

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Thailand Suspends Swine Flu Vaccination Of Pregnant Women After Miscarriage


Miscarriage prompts halt to flu jabs

Ministry denies link, launches an inquiry

H1N1 flu vaccinations among pregnant women have been suspended after a woman who received a jab lost her baby to miscarriage a day later. The Public Health Ministry yesterday denied any link between the vaccinations and the foetal death, but as a precaution suspended flu shots among pregnant women pending an investigation into the miscarriage in the southern province of Satun. It said it would press ahead with a plan for an H1N1 vaccination campaign aimed at high risk groups despite concerns about possible side-effects. "There's no substantiated report of H1N1 vaccine having a harmful effect on pregnant women," Public Health permanent secretary Paijit Warachit said yesterday. "The product is certified and safe for use."

Over 6,000 pregnant women have received the vaccination, imported from the French company Sanofi Pasteur, under a national campaign to tackle the mortality rate caused by type-A (H1N1) influenza among high-risk groups including pregnant women. The 39-year-old woman lost her baby during the 24th week of pregnancy in Satun's Thung Wa district on Monday, only a day after she was given a flu shot. An investigation into the miscarriage at Songkhlanagarind Hospital is under way and the results are expected within a week, Dr Paijit said. A case of a 32-year-old woman delivering a baby during her 33rd week of pregnancy was not caused by vaccination or toxaemia in pregnancy. Early delivery was essential in this case because the mother had taken a fall and suffered internal bleeding in the brain, he said.

Kamnuan Ungchusak, an epidemiological expert at the Disease Control Department, conceded the report might affect confidence in the vaccination scheme, particularly among pregnant women. The antigen which is the active ingredient in the H1N1 vaccine could not pass from the mother to an unborn child. However, the medical committee would discuss the case at its next meeting on Feb 9. Thailand is conducting the first human trial of a locally made vaccine for type-A (H1N1) influenza. A preliminary report had found the vaccine was safe and could provide immunity against the virus among volunteers. The initial result of the first-phase trial was satisfying, said Vichai Chokewiwat, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation board chairman. Of 24 volunteers, only 13 had reported minor side-effects such as headaches, joint pain and a runny nose.

Researchers, however, would not rush to begin the vaccine trials with a larger group of 400 volunteers as more work was needed to improve the vaccine's stability. The second-phase of the trial was scheduled for April. The first batch of locally produced vaccine would be ready to combat any influenza outbreak during the monsoon season if the trial went as planned.


Many Who Died Had Already Been Vaccinated, reports Mike Adams


The CDC is engaged in a very clever, statistically devious spin campaign, and nearly every journalist in the mainstream media has fallen for its ploy. No one has yet reported what I'm about to reveal here. It all started with the CDC's recent release of new statistics about swine flu fatalities, infection rates and vaccination rates. According to the CDC:

• 61 million Americans were vaccinated against swine flu (about 20% of the U.S. population). The CDC calls this a "success" even though it means 4 out of 5 people rejected the vaccines.

• 55 million people "became ill" from swine flu infections.

• 246,000 Americans were hospitalized due to swine flu infections.

• 11,160 Americans died from the swine flu.

Base on these statistics, the CDC is now desperately urging people to get vaccinated because they claim the pandemic might come back and vaccines are the best defense. But here's the part you're NOT being told. The CDC statistics lie by omission. They do not reveal the single most important piece of information about H1N1 vaccines: How many of the people who died from the swine flu had already been vaccinated?

Many who died had already been vaccinated

The CDC is intentionally not tracking how many of the dead were previously vaccinated. They want you (and mainstream media journalists) to mistakenly believe that ZERO deaths occurred in those who were vaccinated. But this is blatantly false. Being vaccinated against H1N1 swine flu offers absolutely no reduction in mortality from swine flu infections. And that means roughly 20% of the 11,160 Americans who died from the swine flu were probably already vaccinated against swine flu. That comes to around 2,200 deaths in people who were vaccinated!

How do I know that swine flu vaccines don't reduce infection mortality? Because I've looked through all the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials that have ever been conducted on H1N1 vaccines. It didn't take me very long, because the number of such clinical trials is ZERO.

That's right: There is not a single shred of evidence in existence today that scientifically supports the myth that H1N1 vaccines reduce mortality from H1N1 infections. The best evidence I can find on vaccines that target seasonal flu indicates a maximum mortality reduction effect of somewhere around 1% of those who are vaccinated. The other 99% have the same mortality rate as people who were not vaccinated.

So let's give the recent H1N1 vaccines the benefit of the doubt and let's imagine that they work just as well as other flu vaccines. That means they would reduce the mortality rate by 1%. So out of the 2,200 deaths that took place in 2009 in people who were already vaccinated, the vaccine potentially may have saved 22 people.

61 million injections add up to bad public health policy

So let's see: 61 million people are injected with a potentially dangerous vaccine, and the actual number "saved" from the pandemic is conceivably just 22. Meanwhile, the number of people harmed by the vaccine is almost certainly much, much higher than 22. These vaccines contain nervous system disruptors and inflammatory chemicals that can cause serious health problems. Some of those problems won't be evident for years to come... future Alzheimer's victims, for example, will almost certainly those who received regular vaccines, I predict.

Injecting 61 million people with a chemical that threatens the nervous system in order to avoid 22 deaths -- and that's the best case! -- is an idiotic public health stance. America would have been better off doing nothing rather than hyping up a pandemic in order to sell more vaccines to people who don't need them.


Vaccine Link To Baby Death


By Victoria Raimes, Edinburgh Evening News

A COUPLE have spoken of their heartbreak after finding their two-year-old girl dead in bed in circumstances chillingly similar to a previous incident which had left her severely disabled. On both occasions Siobhan Boyle was discovered in a serious condition in her cot within weeks of a routine vaccination.

On 30 December she was found "blue and not breathing" in her cot by her mother Charmaine Boyle. All efforts to resuscitate her failed and a post-mortem did not reveal the cause of death.

Mrs Boyle and her husband Craig, from Dreghorn, today paid tribute to their "darling angel princess", who was a twin.

The circumstances of Siobhan's death mirrored an incident when she was nine weeks old, which left her paralysed, deaf, blind and epileptic. Mr and Mrs Boyle believe their daughter's disabilities were brought on by a whooping cough jag Siobhan was given two weeks before she nearly died as a baby, though they were told at the time it was not the cause.

Mrs Boyle, 25, said: "We had huge reservations because she had a bad cold but the doctors told us it would be fine. A couple of weeks later we found her cot covered in bile. We rushed her to the hospital but she passed away for five minutes and oxygen couldn't get to her brain. From then on, our once happy and smiley baby wasn't able to move, see or hear."

Mrs Boyle added: "Just two weeks before Siobhan died we took her for a swine flu injection.

"We're not saying that injection had anything to do with what happened but the pattern was the same; I went to check on her in her cot and she was blue and not breathing. To experience this twice was horrific."

Experts say the swine flu vaccine, approved by the World Health Organisation and licensed by European authorities, is safe.

Siobhan, an identical twin to Rhianne and sister to Sinead, 5, died at 1:30am on 30 December.

While a post-mortem did not reveal a cause of death the couple are hopeful that blood test results due in a couple of weeks will shed light on what happened. Siobhan's severe brain damage meant she was paralysed throughout her lifetime and had to be fed through a tube connected to her stomach.

Doctors could not tell whether she was aware of her surroundings but the couple are certain Siobhan knew who they were.

Mr Boyle, 25, said: "She knew her mum and dad. She would almost always settle down when she cried if we were around."

Mrs Boyle added: "We would sit Siobhan next to her sisters and they had a good time playing with her. It wasn't much of a life for her, but we made it the best we could."

Although the toddler's young sisters do not fully grasp the situation, Mrs Boyle said she had explained that Siobhan was "dancing with the angels".

The couple are now putting a memory box together for their daughter, which they will display at her pink-themed funeral at South Queensferry Cemetery on 12 January. They are also set to collect donations for Ward 7 of the Sick Children's Hospital.

Mr Boyle said: "Siobhan's life was difficult but we would not change it. We will always remember our darling princess."


Fury At Vaccination Scandal


By Lucy Johnston, Support: Olivia Price

HUNDREDS of public sector workers who claim their lives have been wrecked by vaccines say the Government has abandoned them. Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years. All have given up their jobs and some are now 60 per cent disabled. Last night it emerged they are to miss out on payouts, prompting furore among campaigners. More than 150 MPs have lent their support to demands for a better deal for the victims.
Olivia Price, of the Vaccine Victim Support Group, said: “These people have given their lives in the service of looking after others and this is how they’re repaid. They’ve lost their careers and are a burden to their families. It is very degrading.”

Frontline health workers, social workers, prison officers and binmen have to be vaccinated against hepatitis B as a condition of their employment. This is to protect them from contracting potentially fatal conditions from infected blood through needle injuries or physical assaults. Although they are not legally forced to have the vaccinations, without them they are not allowed to work. Experts believe the injections caused the health problems, which include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and cognitive problems, because illnesses developed soon after vaccination. In one case Steve Robinson, a previously fit 43-year-old father of three, was vaccinated six years ago against hepatitis A, B and polio, tetanus and diphtheria as part of his work as a forensic specialist. Two days later he became ill and developed muscle weakness and chronic fatigue. Mr Robinson, from Morpeth, Northumberland, is now 60 per cent disabled, which an industrial injuries tribunal put down to the vaccinations.

He has also been diagnosed with macrophagic myofascitis, a disabling condition which may be caused by the aluminum in vaccines. He also suffers from problems that cause him to fall with no warning. He said: “Before I had the vaccinations I was very healthy, a keen mountain biker and enjoyed walking and keeping fit.
“Now I have very poor mobility and walk with sticks, I am constantly tired.” In up to 10 of the 200 cases, Government officials have already ruled, on the balance of probabilities, that the vaccines caused the damage. Campaigners say these victims should be entitled to payouts of up to £120,000 through the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, like other people who have suffered side effects, but the hepatitis B vaccine is excluded so they get nothing.

Payouts are restricted to the industrial injuries scheme but this is a long and difficult process and, according to campaigners, results in “paltry” sums. So far, fewer than 10 have successfully claimed this money. Ian Stewart, Labour MP for Eccles, has tabled an Early Day Motion on the scandal which has been backed by more than 150 MPs of all political parties. He said: “These casualties are completely innocent. Their lives, and those of their families, have been sadly diminished through no fault of their own. “The difficult truth is that what we have in the UK is not fit for purpose.”

A spokesman for the Payment Scheme, said: “Adults who suffer adverse reactions to vaccines given as a requirement of their employment can claim compensation through Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or private schemes through their terms of employment.”


Japan To Launch Investigation Into Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths


H1N1 vaccine death probe set

Kyodo News

The health ministry will conduct an epidemiologic investigation into whether H1N1 influenza vaccinations can increase the death risk for people with serious chronic diseases, ministry officials said Wednesday. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare plans to begin the study next spring amid an increasing number of reports of deaths and serious side effects among the people who have received shots of domestically produced vaccines against the virus. The ministry said postvaccination deaths have totaled 104, roughly 80 percent of whom are people aged 70 or older who had chronic diseases or disorders, while nearly 1,900 cases of side effects had been reported from medical institutions.

It estimates 14.92 million people have been vaccinated so far nationwide.


292 Cases of Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects Reported in South Korea


"A total of 292 possible side effects have been reported after vaccinations against the H1N1 virus here, so far, the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday. The majority of reactions have been minor and assumed to be unlinked to the vaccine."


UK Drug Regulator Admits At Least 8 Deaths After Swine Flu Jab


The UK government agency which is responsible for drug safety, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has said that 8 deaths as well as eight miscarriages have been reported to it after the pandemrix vaccine.

There has also been one case of suspected Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), the MHRA says.

Sixty-four reports of suspected adverse reactions in pregnant women were reported.

These reports were made on a voluntary basis and so are just the tip of the ice berg. They were recieved by the MHRA between Monday 15th October 2009 and Tuesday 8th December 2009, according to its website.

„The latest figures from the Department of Health suggest that more than 2.6 million people have now been vaccinated in England.“

At least 200,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated with H1N1 vaccines across Europe, including at least 81,000 in the UK,“ says the MHRA.

„At least 20 million doses of H1N1 vaccines have now been administered across Europe, including more than 15 million doses of Pandemrix vaccine,“ it says.

The MHRA has received a total of 2,024 UK reports of suspected side effects to the swine flu vaccines which include a total of 5,410 suspected reactions.


Hundreds Fall ill In Ireland After Having Swine Flu Jab


Swine flu vaccine has caused adverse reactions in 619 people to date, varying from seizures and anaphylactic shock to fainting and vomiting.

Two more people have died from the flu but the number of people falling ill with the virus has halved in the past week.

More than 400,000 vaccinations against swine flu have been carried out, according to the latest figures from the Irish Medicines Board which details the reported side effects for both forms of the vaccines -- Pandemrix and Celvapan.

Of the 619 people who showed side effects to the vaccine, 52 had an allergic reaction and three of these went into anaphylactic shock.

Altogether 210 children reacted adversely to the vaccine, 15 with an allergic reaction and some of the children needed hospital treatment as a result.

Forty pregnant women reported side effects, four of them allergic and one woman, with a history of miscarriage, lost her baby.

Six people had seizures, two people reported facial palsy and the IMB was made aware of the death of one patient 10 days after vaccination but says the patient had an underlying condition and there was no evidence of a link between the vaccine and the patient's death.

"Most people receiving the vaccine have serious and/or chronic underlying medical conditions which put them at greater risk of developing serious complications of swine flu," says the board adding "this is why it is important for these people to be vaccinated as a priority".

Generally the reactions included flu-like illness, head-ache, dizziness and fainting, pins and needles, transient weakness of the vaccinated limb and nausea and vomiting.

The latest people to die from swine flu were two men with underlying illnesses, one from the east and the other from the south of the country, bringing the total deaths to 20.

Health officials say there has been a marked decline in the spread of the virus in the past week, down to 5,500 new cases compared to 10,500 the previous week. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- Clodagh Sheehy


Guillain–Barré After H1N1 Vaccination in Kansas


Is H1N1 Vaccine Linked To Rare Disorder? Kansas Man Afflicted With Guillain-Barre Syndrome

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A 73-year-old Atchison man is in the hospital, unable to stand on his own because his muscles are too weak, and his family is concerned about the H1N1 flu vaccine he received.

Health officials said they doubt the family's claim, but they admit they don't know what is causing the man's affliction.

"I was in fine shape Friday evening," Gerald Kuckelman told KMBC's Jim Flink. "I got up Saturday morning, and I couldn't walk."

It wasn't a stroke or a heart attack. His doctors said the muscle weakness is from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare disorder afflicting only one person in 100,000.

"The doctors haven't said 100 percent that the GB was brought on by the H1N1 vaccine, but I wonder," said Theresa McDermed, Kuckelman's daughter.

Ten days before he was stricken, Kuckelman received the H1N1 vaccine.

Health officials are adamant there is no tie.

"Nowadays, in about 60 percent of GBS cases, we never know what causes it," said Jeff Hershberger, with the Kansas City Health Department.

Hershberger said with millions of people getting the flu vaccine, only a few patients have reported side effects. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring any cases that arise.

"It's constantly being evaluated, and the CDC is working all the time to decrease the side effects," Hershberger said.

The Kansas City Health Department said concerns about GBS and vaccines dates back to the mid-1970s, but no research has tied the two together.


Link to source article including video interview with Mr. Gerald Kuckelman and his doctor:


79 People in Norway Lose Ability of Taste and Smell After Swine Flu Vaccine


79 have lost their ability to taste or smell after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in Norway

Silje Marie Vatvik lost both taste and smell after taking the vaccine against swine flu. She has been sick for several weeks."People do not understand what it means to have taste and odor. I do not taste the food and can therefore do not want to swallow it. It inhibits me socially because I can attend dinner functions, " says Silje Marie Vatvik. The 30-year-old who lives in Longyearbyen, was one of the first to receive the vaccine against swine flu. She worked in the department responsible for preparedness initiatives at the airport and was expected by her employer to be vaccined the same day first vaccines arrived on October 21.

"Had I not been expected to take the vaccine, I would have at least had the option, and the first thing I asked about were the side effects,", said Vatvik. Vatvik was not prepared for what was to come after the vaccination, losing both her ability to taste and smell. She has not recovered these senses since taking the vaccine. The hospital administered many tests but the 30-year old has not responded to any of them. "They kept all options open since it could have been a coincidence and nothing to do with the vaccine. But it was ultimately the one cause that remained," she says.

Vatvik is on sick leave indefinitely due to the illness. "I think about food all the time, have little energy and I'm irritable because I have low blood sugar," she says. "There has been much talk about the vaccine not being tested, but it has been accepted in other countries before Norway. I know that foreign websites have been written about the loss of smell and taste associated with the vaccine, so it is strange that they were not more informed about it," said Vatvik. When she went to the hospital, no one had heard of any similar cases. Now 79 people are suffering the same side effects notes the Norwegian Medicines Agency. They have no explanation for why some have lost their taste and smell after flu vaccine. "It was unknown to us in advance that the loss of taste and sense of smell could be a side effect," said a spokesman from the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Steinar Madsen.

Madsen could not address why some patients suffer from the side effect. "We have no explanation for why it happens. We can not say for sure whether it has a relationship with the vaccine. There are other explanations, like that you get a viral infection while taking the vaccine," says Madsen. When asked how long the patients it will take patients to recover, Madsen said, "I can not answer. I have talked to one patient who told me that she was well again after a couple of weeks."


Did Boy in Sweden Get Virulent Swine Flu From Vaccine?


A boy in Sweden has had to be put onto a respirator suffering from severe lung damage associated with the virulent form of the swine flu six, according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

The doctors are maintaining that the boy developed the lung damage six days after he got the jab in spite of the vaccine. But the timing raises the question of whether the vaccine did not cause the sickness.


Over 1000 Adverse Reactions to H1N1 Vaccine Since October


In recent months, H1N1, or swine flu, has been spreading allover the globe, raising concern and alarm. First detected in March 2009, H1N1 is already responsible for over 1,000 deaths in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, H1N1 flu has become a globalproblem, as an outbreak map created by the New England Journal of Medicine shows. While most common in the U.S. and Europe, H1N1 is also affecting much of Asia and parts of Africa. One of the biggest problems concerning H1N1 has been the lack of vaccines. Although the U.S. originally estimated that approximately 120 million doses of the vaccine would be available by mid-October, in the beginning of November only 11 million had been produced. But while the vaccine may help protect against swine flu, reports from the Centers for Disease Control suggest that the vaccine has problems of its own.

Since the vaccine began being administered in early October, there have been almost two thousand adverse events reported to the Centers for Disease Control vaccine reporting system, VAERS. Judicial Watch used the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of the VAERS. From October 1 – November 4th, there were 1,112 adverse reactions reported. The most common side effects were generally not serious and included fever (present in 240 cases) and nausea (present in 112 cases). However, there were also cases of serious and life threatening reactions. In total, 38 cases were classified as serious, and twelve were considered life threatening. There were also six people who died after receiving the vaccine, although at this time it is unknown whether the vaccine caused the deaths.

Many of the adverse reactions affected young children,including an eight year old who suffered “chills, increased [heart rate],lethargy and altered mental status…cough, nasal congestion, fever, diarrhea, sore throat, disoriented and lethargic” (ID: 362672). His condition was considered serious and he was hospitalized. Another child was hospitalized when he experienced seizures and convulsions immediately after receiving the vaccine (ID: 362926). Less than one day after vaccination, a 5 year old boy visited the ER with an aggravated “croup sounding cough.” He “could not breathe…even tried crying – he was not able to get air in his lungs…started turning blue/gray" (ID: 361270). Another five year old developed “life threatening” symptoms within one day of receiving the vaccine, including a cough, hoarseness, and a high fever (ID: 362913).

A one and a half year old baby with no pre-existing conditions was hospitalized three days after receiving the vaccine with a long list of symptoms including: “Cough, Crying, Diarrhea, Dyskinesia, Irritability, Malaise, Movement disorder, Muscle spasms, Muscle twitching, Pyrexia, Pyuria, Respiratory tract congestion, Rhinorrhoea, Screaming" (ID: 362196). Similarly, another one-year-old infant wasadmitted to the hospital three days after receiving the vaccine. He had a high fever and began sufferingseizures. His status was classified as life threatening, and he spent 10 days in the hospital (ID: 364197).

The vaccine may also be harmful during pregnancy. In one VAERS report, a woman who was eight months pregnant with healthy prenatal exams received the vaccine. Four days later, she complained of nausea and feeling warm. At the hospital, it was discovered that the baby had died. While the cause of death was unknown, the ultrasound revealed that there was “no amniotic fluid around the baby” (ID: 36299).

There was no overall similarity in serious cases, but the more common side effects included severe shortness of breathe and seizures. A 55 year-old man suffered a life threatening reaction “immediately after H1N1 vaccine…[patient] reported not feeling well, could not breathe, obvious respiratory distress, weakness, and cyanosis, elevated heart rate” (ID: 362087). Another man “developed headache that progressively got worse with facial pain” one day after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. After being admitted into the hospital, he had a seizure (ID: 363685). In an extremely serious case, A 35 year old patient with no previous medical conditions died three days after receiving the H1N1 vaccine, after being sent to the ER for “nausea, vomiting, chills, stomach cramping, diarrhea, tachypnea,hypotension, and diaphoresis.” The cause of death was “due to septic shock” and asplenia, a condition that occurs when the spleen is not functioning properly (ID: 362855).

VAERS reports also suggest that in some cases, the vaccine could be causing H1N1 flu. One woman was given the H1N1 vaccine and less than three days later she was sent to the emergency room and hospitalized, “presumed H1N1 positive, from the H1N1 vaccine.” Her condition was classified as life threatening (ID: 36285). A man who had received the vaccine went to a clinic and was diagnosed as having “more than likely – H1N1 as a result of the live virus vaccine” (ID: 361344). Another woman was hospitalized two days after vaccination, with “H1N1 suspected.”

The Department of Health and Human Services continues to monitor the vaccine but has concluded that the H1N1 vaccine is safe. Others, however, have raised questions. Barbara Loe Fischer of the National Vaccine Information Center questioned both the necessity of the vaccine and the seriousness of H1N1 itself. Fisher stated that the vaccine was overhyped, and that there was “an unprecedented campaign by the federal health officials for us to take this very seriously when the evidence is that this is not anymore serious than the season influenza.” Most people conclude that the H1N1 vaccine has the same safety rate as regular flu vaccines. Still, caution is necessary, especially in light of the reactions to the vaccine. In order to aid the public in their decisions regarding the vaccine, Judicial Watch has included all VAERS reports from October through November 7, 2009 below, and will be requesting updated reports as necessary.


French Nurses Threatened With Fines And Imprisonment Over Illegal Requisition Refusal


French nurses, including students, are being threatened with fines, imprisonment and even the closure of their schools if they do not work in the special swine flu vaccine centers, reports

The nurses are not being given the "requisition" order in written form as is required by the law as the government appears to be seeking to erase evidence of coercion.Without this formal requisition request, nurses and students cannot be fined or imprisoned for a refusal because they have not technically been requisitioned in the first place.

This is email explaining one nurses' plight:

"A friend of mine, a nurse who has been requisitioned, told me she would have had to pay about 3600 € if she refused to go, so she went, and tried to just be on the reception desk rather than active. Apparently, this fine of 3600€ is payable each time they requisition her, so she will be going again next week as well. She is desperate, and many of her colleagues are as well. However, for the moment, they are just on a list, and have not had a "requisition paper" in their hand with the fine written on it. So in fact, there is no proof they are being threatened with the fine, nothing written, just oral pressure "fine/prison etc". She knows that if she doesn't comply, she will have to pay the fine, whereas she has never received the formal paper informing her of the requisition. Perhaps this is deliberate so there is no trace of the coercion," emails Carolyn from Paris.


French Prosecutors To Investigate Death of Boy After Swine Flu Jab


The prosecutor's office in Puy-en-Velay, Haute Loire, France, is to investigate the death of a 9-year-old boy four days after being given the swin flu jab, reports Le Parisien.

The boy died in hospital of a cardiac arrest just a few days after getting the jab.

According to media reports, the boy was given Panenza vaccine produced by Sanofi.

This is a report from Le Parisien.


29-year old man paralyzed after getting the "swine flu" shot


A 29-year old Swedish man received the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" shot last Tuesday and started to get the by now considered normal severe pain in the arm. Two days later he got back pains and on Friday he had prickly feelings in fingers and legs. On Saturday he called the Hospital for advice and they said he should take pain killers. He then called his mom.

"- It was horrible, I hardly heard it was him, he could not speak properly and said he had crawled on all fours to the telephone." his mom says. She went directly to his home. "- When he tried to sit in his sofa, his head would tip over in different directions and so did his whole body". She called for an ambulance and at the local hospital they decided he needed specialist care at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg.

The man is now paralyzed and is connected to a respirator. He is fully consious. "- He shapes his lips." his mother says, "- He says ' Fucking Shot ' and he aslo asks for his girlfriend". The doctors in the hospital are "investigating" what has happened to him. And again: "- One can not say for sure it was the vaccine that caused this. His condition is serious but has been stabilizing today" says Helene Sandgren, the hospital press informer. His mother says he has started to regain some of his mobility in his legs and that doctors claim "most people will get better or completely well again" but one never knows.

Johan Niklasson


64 People Die In Japan After Getting Swine Flu Vaccine


A total of 64 people have died in Japan as of December 8th after receiving the swine flu shot, according to a report in the newspaper Mainichi. One teenage boy died immediately after taking the shot. Another man was found dead in his home four days after he received a swine flu jab. He complained of stomach ache and vomitted and died later at home on his own. His doctor stated his death was not linked with H1N1 flu shot and that the side effect of the shot was only a stomach ache. In addtion, there have been many reports of deaths related to Tamiflu in Japan, including young people falling to their deaths from their appartment after taking Tamiflu, violent and irrational actions and hallucinations. But while the Japanese corporate media appears to downplay the side effects of the swine flu jab and of Tamiflu, it exaggerates the threat of the mild swine flu.

Accoording to Sankei news on November 27th, more than 100,000 people have been infected with swine flu in Japan. The total number of deaths caused by the siwne flu is over 100 people, it is maintained. The Japanse government completed the first phase of its mass vaccination programme in the middle of November, after giving 450,000 people the jab. Children and pregnant women were given the priority groups vaccinated using a swine flu vaccine made in Japan.


Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects: Increasing Number of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Cases


Guillan-Barre syndrome is a dangerous, potential swine flu vaccine side effect.

While statistics have not been released proving that swine flu vaccine side effects are more dangerous than typical flu vaccine side effects, the number of reported cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome and fatalities due to the swine flu vaccine appear to be rising.

Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects: Danger of Guillain-Barr syndrome

In the United States, Jordan McFarland, a 14-year old from Virginia has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome only hours after having the H1N1 swine flu vaccine administered. Elsewhere in the world, a woman in France that is employed as a health worker was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome only six days after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. While American officials are reluctant to announce anything, Japanese, Chinese, and Swedish officials have caught the world's attention after reporting devestating swine flu vaccine side effects, including an increasing number of deaths occuring after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. Additional H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects.

Other reported side effects of the H1N1 vaccine include: Redness and swelling at the injection site, Mild fever, Muscle aches, Fatigue

Additionally, China conducts a daily survey and in its recent report, 54% of its residents said they would not receive the H1N1 swine flu vaccine because of the potential side effects.


Abortion caused by "swine flu" vaccine again!


A woman in Sweden was pregnant in the ninth month when she was talked into taking the "swine flu" vaccine by doctors. Two days later she gave birth to a perfect but lifeless son.

"- I was longing so much to hear my child's laughter and cry", Zahra Abdelkader said.

She had been to recent check ups and everything was normal and the child was perfectly healthy. Zahra, who earlier had decided not to take the vaccine, was talked into it by staff at the local hospital where she had her check ups made.

"-Before I got the shot, everything was fine with my child. I don't know how I will be able to live with this but I have to share my experience so that other women will not be exposed to the same thing. I believe it was the vaccine that killed my baby."

Ingemar Persson, senior expert at the Swedish Medical Products Agency commented the horrible death in a statement: "- we have examined four cases earlier of women that have reported abortions after vaccination. we have looked very carefully on each case and concluded that it has nothing to do with the vaccine."

Sweden is the country with the highest number of vaccinated people. The trust in authorities is strong and media has effectively blocked out any criticism against the mass vaccination in an extraordinary propaganda campaign spanning all major news papers and TV-stations. Sweden is traditionally one of the most vaccine friendly nations where almost every child gets vaccinated at birth. The debate about vaccines and their dangers is ignored and gets very little attention by media.

Swedes are also susceptible to tricks played against them like "offering" something for free or to scare tactics and fake shortages. All these factors together with the massive media propaganda campaign and cover up is the reason why so many Swedes get the poisonous injections.

Johan Niklasson


Novartis Managers Being Investigated After Man Dies in Italy from Celtura Jab


State prosecutors in Salerno, southern Italy. have launched a criminal probe into two Novartis managers and 14 doctors in connection with the death from heart failure of a man directly after he was vaccinated with Novartis's Celtura material, reports Polskaweb.

Slovenian prosecutors are also looking into the death of a 20 year old man after he got GlaxoSmithKine's Pandemrix jab.

The probes are being conducted independently of the European and other national drug regulator, which have consistentaly denied any link between severe reactions reported to them by doctors and patients and the jab.

The European drug regulator, the EMEA, is two thirds funded by pharma companies, raising concerns of a conflict of interest.


Two Children Die in The Netherlands After Swine Flu Shot


Two children in The Netherlands died after getting the swine flu shot according to the newspaper, De Telegraaf. One of the children had a severe heart disease and died 5 days after getting the shot.The second child developped a fever after being vaccinated. The child appears to have had no underlying condition or sickness that could be attributed as the cause of death.The authorities are dying a link between the shot and the deaths.,1


Young Man Dies in Slovenia After Taking Swine Flu Shot


A 29 year old man in Slovenia who took the swine flu shot died two days later after he developed flu simptoms and severe bacterial pneumonia as a complication. The man, who had a history of chronic illness, has been classified as dying from the swine flu: the official version is that the shot came too late. In another case, a 77-year old woman’s heart stopped five minutes after taking the swine flu jab last week but she was revived and is still in hospital.

So far only 32,000 people in Slovenia have taken GlaxoSmithKline's Pandermix swine flu jab. The government has said there are 800,000 shots available for the population of 1.8 million. The low rate of take-up of the jab comes amid growing scepticism in Slovenia about the links between big pharma and doctors.
Two months ago, it emerged that GSK had entered into secret and illegal contracts with the biggest hospital in Slovenia to fund doctors' „education.“

The Minister for Health Borut Miklavcic who has a chronic heart disease and so should be in priority group for the swine flu shot, has said 'he doesn't want to be privileged as a minister' and so has not taken the shot.

2 new victims of swine flu in last 24 hours (published 29.11.)

Chronicly ill patient's heart stops after vaccination (published 26.11.)


State Prosecutor Orders Autopsy on Woman's Death After Swine Flu Jab in Germany


A woman of 73 years old died in Billerbeck, Germany, after getting the swine flu vaccine on Thursday.

The local state prosecutor has ordered an autopsy to be performed.


Two Swiss In Hospital After Getting Swine Flu Vaccine

Two people in Switzerland had to go straight into hospital after getting a swine flu jab, reports Blick.

There is no information on their age or sex or state of health.

According to Swissmedic, the Swiss drug regulator, there have been 75 allergic reactions to Pandemrix 16 to Focentria and 0 to Celtura in Switzerland so far.


Young Man Dies In Germany After Getting The Swine Flu Jab

A 21-year-old man in Karben, Germany, died one day after getting the swine flu jab at his GPs, reports the FAZ.

An autopsy is to be carried out to establish whether he died as a result of the jab. The 21-year-old had a history of illness and the chronically ill are a target group designated by WHO for the jab.


Israel Suspended Swine Flu Jabs After Four Deaths

Israel suspended its swine flu vaccination campaign on October 22 nd following the deaths of four people, according to a report from Synt-L'Economiste/AFP.
Four people aged between 53 and 75 years old died during the last eight days after being given a swine flu jab by Sanofi Aventis at the same place.
A nurse at Kiryat Gat in southern Israel informed the authorities that 3 patients had died after receiving the swine flu jab. The fourth person died later.
Sanofi Aventis has said it is investigating the deaths.


Man Dies In Sweden From The Flu Shot - Now 9 Official Deaths


Aftonbladet reports that a man in his fifties died after having received the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" shot. He had been through a heart transplant operation and the shot made his body reject the new heart. Authorities in Sweden are now afraid fewer will want to take the vaccine.

"- It can not be said it was wrong to vaccinate this man. We do write on our home page that people who have been through heart transplants belong to the risk group and should get vaccinated. But we have new knowledge now which we can learn from." says Ingemar Persson, case investigator at the Swedish Medical Products Agency. "- The vaccine is the direct or indirect cause of this mans death." he continues.

Several involved agencies and departments will hold a press conference today to try to calm down worried citizens and again claim that the vaccine is "tested and safe".

The official death toll in Sweden is now nine but our sources claim there might be as many as 80 deaths. Then there are also many reports about abortions as a result of the shot, just like in other parts of the world. Officials are desperate to declare any deaths in proximity to the vaccinations as coincidental and therefor the official numbers can not be trusted. In fact, the whole official story regarding the "swine flu" in Sweden can no longer be trusted since it is clear that media together with the Swedish authorities have been and still are engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to vaccinate as many as possible without any clear declared reasons or logic.

The ties between scientists, politicians and the Pharma industry and WHO is also not clarified.

This is by far the biggest medical scandal in modern times in Sweden.

Johan Niklasson
Original article
This is the last official report regarding "side effects" from the Swedish authorities.


200 Deaths In Canada From Swine Flu Vaccination


British drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline has warned the Canadian medical authorities that a batch of its anti-H1N1 vaccine can trigger potentially dangerous allergic reactions. The Canadians have withdrawn the batch from use and are testing it after it produced a range of serious reactions, notably in the heart and lungs. The recall affects 172,000 dises of the Arepanrix vaccine.

“We’ve been asked by the manufacturer GSK not to use this vaccine at this time pending further investigation,” said Manitoba chief medical officer Joel Kettner.
Thirty-six Canadians, including one little boy whose face swelled up like a balloon, suffered severe allergic reactions after vaccination. 200 others died.
“It is a serious thing that has the potential to kill – but fortunately seems to be relatively rare,” said Dr Neil Rau, an infectious disease specialist.
Canada has been particularly badly hit by the flu virus, and has vaccinated around a fifth of its population, or nearly seven million people, already. GSK has sold seven point five million doses to Canada.
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Two Men In Denmark Dies After Getting The "Swine Flu" Vaccine


According to Politiken, two men died shortly after having received the "swine flu" shot. Both was already in hospital and the official statements claim they died from "swine flu". Their death is also claimed to be "accidental" and there is officially "no link to the vaccination".


My Boy’s Agonising Death After Virus Vaccination

With trembling hands, the distraught mother stroked the yellow bear which belenged to Finlay – her beloved son. The little boy died two weeks ago at the age of 21 months after having a vaccination against swine flu.
Swine Flu Germany

Doctors reported the case to the Paul Ehrlich Institute as a possible result of a deadly reaction to the virus inoculation. Mother Yvonne B. (34), a nurse for the elderly in Berlin, said: “Finlay was born with a heart defect and damaged lungs. He had been operated on four times. Now he was waiting in hospital for a new heart and a new lung. “He was doing quite well. We went out with him everyday. He played in the leaves and liked to watch birds.”

Doctors told the parents that the tot should be inoculated, mirroring the advice of the standing committee on vaccinations. Mom-of-three Yvonne added: “They said the side effects would be no problem, but that swine flu would be a real danger to our son. On top of that, a patient in the room next door had been diagnosed with swine flu.” In the afternoon the boy was vaccinated. On the next day he was still laughing and happily playing around in the leaves. But in the night, his condition suddenly worsened. He vomited and fluid got into his lung. The organ failed, and then so did his heart. The devastated mother said: “We were called at night. Finlay fell asleep on my husband’s arm.” Immediately a horrific thought surfaced - was the H1N1 virus vaccination to blame for the agonising tragedy? “The assumption is simply an obvious one! At least that the vaccination played some kind of role.” The parents consented to an autopsy of their son. “The Pathological Institute told us yesterday they couldn't exclude a connection, but also that there was nothing speaking for it compellingly. “If I had the choice again, I would not let my son be vaccinated.”
The investigation of the boy’s death is still ongoing. A week ago the parents carried their son to his grave. “He had an unbelievable willingness to live. We never thought for a second that he wouldn’t make it,” said his mother.

“The name Finlay means ‘small blond hero’. We had so much hope that our little hero would finally be able to start living.”


Two People Die In China After Taking The Swine Flu Jab


Two die after H1N1 vaccination

Two persons are reported to have died after taking the A/H1N1 vaccination as the Chinese mainland prepares to vaccinate 65 million people, or 5 percent of its population, by the end of the year, health officials said on Friday. A secondary school teacher in Hunan province died while playing basketball 8 hours after taking the jab, the provincial health department said on Friday afternoon. But his death, according to preliminary findings, was not linked to the vaccine and it would not affect the ongoing H1N1 vaccination program, said Deng Haihua, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

Deng did not give the details of the other victim. According to regulations, the local health authority where such deaths occur should be the one to announce it, he said.
So far, 15 people have suffered severe side effects including anaphylactic shocks (sudden drop in blood pressure or difficulty in breathing) after taking the jab, said Liu Dawei, a vaccination expert with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
"These people will get free treatment and cash compensation," Liu said.

Till Thursday, more than 12 million people had been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, with 1,235 complaining of side effects, the Ministry of Health said. Most of the reactions, however, have been mild and temporary. Preliminary results of the Hunan victim's autopsy show he could have died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, which experts say kills more than 1,700 people in the country each day.
"The Hunan teacher's death is a coincidental medical incident," Liu said.

The exact cause of his death can be known only after all his medical records, including the final autopsy report, are studied, Deng said. But the batch of vaccines from which he got the jab has been withdrawn as a precautionary measure. The autopsy on the other victim was likely to be performed on Friday night, Deng said.
No vaccine is risk-free, but the influenza vaccine is among the safest, said Vivian Tan, press officer of the World Health Organization's Beijing office.
"We have observed minor side effects like sore arm, red rashes, low fever and headache among the people who have taken the jab. Severe side effects are very uncommon. But it's important to monitor the situation closely," Tan said.


Virginia Teen Athlete In Wheelchair After H1N1 Vaccine Shot


A teenage Virginia athlete is in a wheel chair now after suffering Guillain-Barre Syndrome within hours after receiving an H1N1 swine flu vaccine shot. 14-year-old Jordan McFarland developed severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs after being injected. He will need "extensive physical therapy" to recovery, reports MSNBC. Plus, he'll need the help of a walker for four to six weeks.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is the name given to anyone who exhibits a particular set of neurological symptoms including muscle weakness and muscle spasms. GBS is now increasingly occurring following H1N1 vaccine injections. It was diagnosed in thousands of patients following the 1976 swine flu vaccine scare, and it appears to be recurring here in 2009 as the swine flu vaccine makes it into more widespread distribution.

Health authorities, however, remain adamant that H1N1 vaccines are never the cause of GBS, and that such diagnoses are "pure coincidence." This blatantly unscientific P.R. tactic is designed to dismiss any and all concerns over the neurological side effects of H1N1 vaccines by simply denying they exist. To date, the CDC has received reports of five additional people being diagnosed with GBS following swine flu vaccinations, but it dismisses them all as coincidence. "It's much less than we'd expect," says CDC official Dr. Claudia J. Vellozzi. (Which is sort of interesting all by itself, because it reveals that the CDC expects a lot more people to get GBS following vaccine injections...)

At the same time, part of the reason the CDC isn't receiving many reports on neurological disorders caused by H1N1 vaccines is because they participated in a massive media brainwashing event that prepped the population to dismiss all side effects by pre-announcing the bizarre idea that "side effects experienced after vaccine injections are not related to vaccines."

This was an organized, nationwide media brainwashing campaign engineered by the CDC, FDA and drug companies. It sought to pre-program health consumers to automatically dismiss serious side effects that appeared in the hours after receiving swine flu vaccine injections.

The campaign worked. In fact, even the GBS of this young man, Jordan McFarland, wasn't submitted to the CDC. It only came to light when his step-mother submitted details to's reader reporting tool. In other words, this was citizen journalism at work, where a parent submitted information directly to the media.

For this to occur is exceedingly rare. Most parents would simply wait for their doctor to submit such information to health authorities, not knowing that submitting reports of vaccine-related side effects remains voluntary in modern medicine.
No requirement to report vaccine side effects
You read that right: There is no requirement that doctors send reports of vaccine side effects to any health authority at all. And that raises the question: So how do they really know how many people are suffering neurological side effects from the H1N1 vaccines?

Many Women Report Miscarriages After Receiving The Swine Flu Shot


Krissi Danielsson reporting from quotes an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune which showed how some pregnant women are skeptical of the new H1N1 vaccine. Several women blogging at the end of the article had experienced miscarriages with the H1N1 vaccine.
Pregnant women are considered one of the "high risk" groups, but many women are less than thrilled about the idea of getting the shot, reporting concerns about the safety of the vaccine and possible effects for the unborn baby.

I can definitely see where they are coming from, being someone who was concerned about safety of pretty much everything when I was pregnant. And there's not much research on the safety of any type of flu vaccine during the first trimester, much less thimerosal exposure in the first trimester, although the CDC says that flu vaccination is advisable in any trimester during a pandemic. As with most cases, all you can really do is weigh the risks and benefits of both courses of action and discuss your concerns with your doctor - then make an informed choice on how to proceed.

What are your thoughts? Do you plan to get the H1N1 flu vaccine, especially if you are currently pregnant or hope to become pregnant in the near future?

Comments (from readers)
October 9, 2009 at 2:41 pm
(1) Jo says: I got the flu vaccine (regular not H1N1) at 8 weeks pregnant. Three days later I miscarried. I am not going to get the H1N1.
October 26, 2009 at 11:07 am
(2) Regrets says:
I got both vaccines on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines. Now I wish I followed my gut feeling and not get them at ALL!
October 29, 2009 at 8:33 am
(3) says: i work in a hospital like setting and was told 'the benefits outweigh the risks" 1am i got the vaccine, 3am i started bleeding and craming, 3pm miscarried. you decide
October 31, 2009 at 1:29 pm
(4) sue says: I had the H1N1 vaccination and 24 hours later had a miscarriage.
October 31, 2009 at 8:25 pm
(5) Linda Hill says: My daughter in law was 10 weeks pregnant and had the H1N1 vaccine on Friday that night she miscarried.
November 1, 2009 at 9:58 pm
(6) Stephanie says: I received the H1N1 over a week ago. I am now 5 weeks. I am doing well so far.
November 2, 2009 at 10:52 pm
(7) SoSorry says:
I was so ready to get the H1N1 vaccine last week and they were only giving them to pregnant women. I was 6 weeks along and got it and the next day I started cramping and miscarried. I already had two healthy pregnancies and never miscarried or had any problems. My doctors think I am crazy to think it was the H1N1 but if no one looks into this than other women will not know. I am so sorry that I got it.
November 3, 2009 at 4:30 pm
(8) Connie says:
I also received the H1N1 vaccination on October 22nd, 2009 and went into labor on October 25th, at 16 weeks pregnant and we just heard the heartbeat and everything was fine with my pregnancy on October 16th, 2009, then on October 28th my water broke then on October 29th, I delivered a stillborn baby boy, and no one can tell me why…Everyone wants to say it did not come from the shot but I believe it did. My baby was growing at the correct pace and everyone wants to brush off the vaccination. I say if you have the vaccination and suffer a miscarriage if they are able to perform an autopsy have it done.
November 3, 2009 at 4:34 pm
(9) Connie says:
I also agree something needs to be done and looked more into with this vaccination because most women are being advised it's just something that happens, but I also had two healthy children normal pregnancies and when I received this vaccination with my third pregnancy, my baby is gone. Contact me at
November 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm
(10) sioux falls, south dakota says:
I received the H1N1 vaccine on October 16th and started experiencing cramping on the 22nd. I was nearly 17 weeks pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy on the 23rd. Like many of the other women here, the first thing I suspected was the H1N1 vaccine. I immediately asked a nurse at the hospital if that would have anything to do with it. Without hesitation, she told me "absolutely not." I had reservations about getting the vaccine, but followed the advice of my long trusted family doctor. In a follow up appointment with my doctor 3 days after I lost my baby, I asked him if the vaccine would have had any adverse effects on my baby. He also said that it was not possible. I don't believe that my doctor was necessarily lying to me, he was simply following the accepted practices and opinions of his field. I do, however, believe that as a nation, we are being lied to. This vaccine is NOT safe during pregnancy. There has not been enough testing done to determine this and there are far too many "coincidences" for this to be anything but a result of a vaccine that was hastily pushed into production and distribution in an effort to stop widespread panic. I have read so many stories in defense of the vaccine that will talk about how common miscarriages are, but I would challenge you to ask ANY health care professional how common second trimester miscarriages are. My baby was doing perfect developmentally and I had felt him move earlier that day. My heart goes out to all of you out there who have had to go through the same heartache and loss that I have had in the last couple of weeks. There is no reason that any woman or family should have to go through this. Get the word out to all of the pregnant women that you know. I know that if I had heard that women had been losing their babies shortly after they received the vaccine, I would have followed my gut and not gotten it myself. Maybe then Wyatt would have had a chance at life.
November 5, 2009 at 11:51 am
(11) sue field says:
If you read the novatis or baxter pkg insert available on the web you will find that 1. there is not sufficient testing on pregnant women so they dont know how safe it is….its not recommended for children under 2 is not a fetus a child under 2? there is no conclusion on safety with breastfeeding….. Md's just want to scare the hell out of you for the 1% that can get very sick..If folks would just wash hands frequently, stay away from sick contacts as much as possible and take supplements and live a healthy way…you likely can avoid the flu altogether… SOOOOO Sorry for your losses….my <3 breaks for you all

The following H1N1 swine flu vaccine miscarriage horror stories are from a June 2010 birth club…..

I am so upset. I was so excited to be pregnant after trying for a year. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I joined this birth club and I was due June 25th. We have two healthy boys with no history of miscarriage. Everything was going great. Last Monday, I got the H1N1 vaccine thimerosal reduced (mercury reduced for pregnant women). On Tuesday morning, I started cramping and on Wednesday I started bleeding heavily. My hcg was 50 on Wednesday and I was almost 6 weeks along so it was low. They still thought that I might be pregnant but on Friday my hcg was down to 22. I am an emotional wreck. I feel like I had a healthy baby and I caused this by getting the H1N1 vaccine. My doctors pushed it. I researched online and there have been many miscarriages after the H1N1 vaccine but they haven’t been reported since it is hard to say what caused the miscarriages. I hope that I did not cause this. I wish everyone the best.

I don’t have an answer for you, but a friend of a friend just had a miscarriage 2-3 days after getting the shot. She was 7weeks. She had no previous history of m/c… No one can answer if they’re related…it hasn’t been out long enough and there haven’t been any studies done on pregnant women. I will tell you, that it has made up my mind on getting it…I won’t and I’m not going to get it for my DD either. My daughter and I both had H1N1 last week, and although it truly sucks…I think I’ll take my chances. One doctor will tell you to get it and the next will tell you not too…you have to do what’s in your heart.

my heart goes out to you as i recently miscarried as well and was due in june. i had a healthy heart beat at 6wks. then at 7.5 wks my son got the h1n1 mist vaccine which has live vaccine in it. the nurse said to be careful b/c it could technically spread if he rubbed his nose and touched a surface etc. the next night i miscarried and 5 days later was diagnosed with h1n1. i work from home, kids are home, hadnt been anywhere during that time. so the chances that it is all related are very high. the flu mist vaccine warns for immunocompromised patients (which includes prego) to stay away from recipients of the flu mist for 21 days.


Swedish Boy, Aged 4, Close To Death From "Swine Flu" Vaccine


The almost complete cover up in Sweden regarding deaths and other severe "side effects" from the poisinous Pandemrix "swine flu" vaccine is frightening. A few stories are getting out in spite of this, like the story of Kevin, aged 4 living in Stockholm with his mom Mia who is pregnant in her third trimester. "- I was sure he was dead" she says in an article published at first only in the printed version of the news paper Aftonbladet and later added to their site after being "reminded" by readers to do so.

Kevin sat with his father in a café when he suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. His little body arched backwards in convulsions and his eyes rolled backwards exposing only white. His mom was not far away and someone quickly fetched her saying "Mia come quickly, Kevin is really bad". When she arrived to Kevin, a ring of people surrounded him as he was lying flat on the ground. "- His lips were completely white. I have never seen a person that white in my life. I took him in my arms and he was completely limp. My only thought was, 'He is dead, He is no longer alive' ", says his mom. Kevin did no longer breathe. Two nurses happened to be there and they instructed Mia how to give CPR immediately. Mia started to do that while she at the same time felt she was starting to go into labor. She gave her son air as others called for an ambulance. "I lost the sense of time. But after a while his lips got their color back. He opened his eyes."

During the ride to the hospital, Kevin only expressed one fear: "Mommy, I don't want to have another shot…" Doctors who cared for him at his arrival at the Hospital agreed that the only explanation to this was that he two days earlier got the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" vaccine. They also said "- He is the second one today, this is in no way unique." The news paper contacted The Medical Products Agency in Sweden and spoke with Professor Jan Liliemark who claimed he had never heard of similar cases. "- Children can come in to states of Coma from a variety of reasons. It could be connected to the vaccination but there could also be other reasons."

Kevin's parents chose to speak about their ordeal so that other parents would be better informed than they were. They never heard that things like this could happen after a vaccination. Mia says "- What if this would have happened at home while playing alone in his room while I was cleaning downstairs?"

We have received unconfirmed reports that the number of vaccine "adverse effects" in sweden is now well over 500 including "severe adverse effects" which means life threatening conditions or death. The number of deaths is reported to us to be higher than 50 so far. This information is unconfirmed and the official numbers kept secret according to the also secret agreement between Sweden and GSK, GlaxoSmithKline who produces the poisonous Pandemrix vaccine.

I today spoke with a vaccine manufacturer (a supplier of the API, the active ingredient) at their plant here in Switzerland and they stated that they felt they had to play along in producing and supplying active ingredients to the larger "big" pharma companies since these companies are "so powerful". The person I spoke with thought it was something seriously wrong with the way the whole "swine flu" scare has unfolded and the role of WHO. The same person also acknowledged that very much research in the medical field which does not support planned products or other businesses is hidden or buried. The two people I spoke with would "absolutely not" take the "swine flu" shot. They did say that the "swine flu" meant good business.
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Further Deaths Linked To Swine Flu Vaccination


Health investigators are under more pressure as two elderly women are reported to have died, days after receiving the swine flu vaccine. It brings the total number of deaths linked to the vaccine in Sweden to four. The two latest deaths were reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) on Friday.

A 74-year-old woman from Sollefteå in northern Sweden died four days after receiving the swine flu vaccine. The woman, who suffered from heart and lung disease, was classified as a high-risk patient. “Naturally a report will be undertaken,” said Dr. Markus Kallionen in a press statement released by Västernorrland County Council.

“We must take this case seriously and investigate what has happened.”

A further case of a 90-year-old woman who also died after receiving the vaccine has been reported by newspaper Expressen. Läkemedelsverket are currently investigating circumstances surrounding the deaths of two high-risk patients, a 50-year-old man with a serious heart condition and woman with an acute muscle disease.

“It’s important to says that they had complicated illnesses,“ Gunilla Sjölin Forslund from Läkemedelsverket told news agency TT. “We still do not know if the deaths are connected to the vaccine.” Sweden launched a mass vaccination programme in a bid to control the flu pandemic on October 12th.

Cases of swine flu reached record levels last week with 198 new cases in comparison to 93 the previous week.


Teen Girl Suffers Permanent Brain Damage After Cervical Cancer Vaccine


As the cervical cancer vaccine continues to maim or kill even more teenage girls across the UK, 18-year-old Stacey Jones is the latest victim to suffer severe harm. Previously in a state of apparent health, Stacey began to suffer severe seizures and brain inflammation within days after receiving the Cervarix vaccine injection. The swelling of her brain was so severe that it cause permanent brain damage, and today Stacey Jones is an "empty shell" of a girl.

Her mother isn't fooled by Big Pharma. "I really feel she has been used as a guinea pig," she said in a DailyMail news article (source below). "I don't think there is enough evidence that the vaccination programme is safe - this all happened days after Stacey was given the vaccine, and we don't have any other explanation for what triggered her brain injury."

Just last week, 14-year-old Natalie Morton died within hours after receiving the same vaccine injection. Medical authorities insisted Natalie suddenly died of a previously undiagnosed tumor in her chest, but NaturalNews was the first to suggest fraud in the pathology report, pointing out that Natalie's real cause of death had to be covered up to protect the lucrative vaccine industry.

Vaccines = the new holocaust

As the deaths mount, vaccines are becoming the new chemical holocaust of our time. Children and teens are lined up to be injected with chemicals made by some of the very same companies that once conducted medical experiments on Jewish concentration camp prisoners during the Nazi era

Did you know, for example, that one of the chemotherapy drugs still used in cancer centers today was originally developed under the chemical weapons program of Nazi Germany?

Vaccines don't kill as many people as the Nazi gas chambers, but the number of people being targeted by the vaccination holocaust is many times larger than the number imprisoned in Nazi Germany.

The corporations behind all this, of course, are much the same. So are the people. A 10-year Chairman of Bayer, for example, was a convicted Nazi war criminal. As explained on another NaturalNews article:

"Dr. Fritz ter Meer, a director of IG Farben who was directly involved in developing the nerve gas, Zyklon-B, which killed millions of Jews, was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released after four years through the intervention of Rockefeller and J.J. McCloy, then U.S. High Commissioner for Germany. An unrepentant Fritz ter Meer, guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, returned to work in Bayer where he served as Chairman for more than 10 years, until 1961.

Whether we're talking about Nazi war crimes or mass vaccination campaigns, the intent is the same: power and control over people. If you're a new reader on NaturalNews and not yet familiar with the historical involvement of the pharmaceutical industry in Nazi Germany, read the above article link to get up to speed.


Secret Experiments On Humans


Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Think U.S. health authorities have never conducted outrageous medical experiments on children, women, minorities, homosexuals and inmates? Think again: This timeline, originally put together by Dani Veracity (a NaturalNews reporter), has been edited and updated with recent vaccination experimentation programs in Maryland and New Jersey. Here's what's really happening in the United States when it comes to exploiting the public for medical experimentation:

(1845 - 1849) J. Marion Sims, later hailed as the "father of gynecology," performs medical experiments on enslaved African women without anesthesia. These women would usually die of infection soon after surgery. Based on his belief that the movement of newborns' skull bones during protracted births causes trismus, he also uses a shoemaker's awl, a pointed tool shoemakers use to make holes in leather, to practice moving the skull bones of babies born to enslaved mothers (Brinker).

(1895) New York pediatrician Henry Heiman infects a 4-year-old boy whom he calls "an idiot with chronic epilepsy" with gonorrhea as part of a medical experiment ("Human Experimentation: Before the Nazi Era and After").


Dr. Arthur Wentworth turns 29 children at Boston's Children's Hospital into human guinea pigs when he performs spinal taps on them, just to test whether the procedure is harmful (Sharav).


Harvard professor Dr. Richard Strong infects prisoners in the Philippines with cholera to study the disease; 13 of them die. He compensates survivors with cigars and cigarettes. During the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi doctors cite this study to justify their own medical experiments (Greger, Sharav).

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