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Ask the average GP or other doctor of medicine whether upside down coffee or coffee a-la-arse as it is known in Gerson circles is a good idea for recovering health or managing pain and they will probably cast that well-practiced condescending look and dismiss you like you are an uneducated idiot. While offering a prescription for some drugs for you to ‘try’.

Of course this uneducated, idiotic response will not answer your questions regarding the benefits of coffee enemas or solve your problem. If one cares to look back through history before Big Phama so heavily influenced things one will find that coffee enemas have a rich history of medical use in other cultures reaching back to ancient Egypt and no doubt well before. Indeed coffee enemas were in the armoury of conventional medicine in the West and were listed in the Merck Manual, the so called bible of medicine, until the 1970’s when, not surprisingly they were removed and drug prescriptions pushed instead.

Ask the Gerson Institute or other natural practitioners and they will confirm the amazing benefits of the proverbial coffee break. If you want an even more comprehensive and convincing study group ask the tens of thousands of recovered cancer patients who have used coffee in this way to recover the liver, to manage pain and to restore good health when utilised alongside the nutritional input of juicing. Indeed there are plenty recovered patients once crippled with all manner of other modern conditions deemed incurable who will testify the same.

The impossiblists on the other hand will resort to some wild speculation about all this being due a placebo effect; an imaginary improvement. Well let me tell you there is nothing imaginary about the putrid material that is removed from the body in the release of an enema. Ones partner does not imagine the choking smell left in and around the bathroom or the actual physical parasites one can see curled up in the bog. Parasites. Long worms long since living inside the body now flushed out by a recovering liver. To suggest this process is futile or dangerous or quackery is ignorant in the extreme and potentially very harmful to the patient. It was Einsten who apparently observed that, “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”

Ask the parents whose child can now eat and is putting on weight and thriving again after years of being drugged up and told there is no hope. Ask the mother whose autistic daughter was unable to speak until she started the enemas. Her first words being “more coffee mamma.” Or the many patients sent home and told to get their affairs in order cos they were going to die but did the Gerson Therapy instead with the obligatory enemas and lived out their natural lives.

If the science and the clinical observations are wrong and the immediate and long term curative effects are simply being imagined by so many people then there is still a very good reason why anyone who is ill should be advised to do organic coffee enemas which aid the liver instead of chemical drugs which harm it. As it stands most cancer patients and indeed most those with the growing catalogue of other toxic lifestyle diseases will be told there is no hope of a cure only pills to manage pain and side effects. I say more coffee please cos I know it’s working and so does my body.

It costs £90 for 12 bags of this amazing stuff if buying in bulk

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