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My Gerson Journey Part Three

The first visual sign that something was wrong were these things showing up on my neck. A scan of my body revealed that they are widespread. They, like the cancer they represent will go completely with the help of the Gerson Therapy once my body is strong enough to restore itself to perfection. I can manage the physical aspect of this and the fine details but I can’t work at the same time and raise the money I need to cover all the expenses. If you can help me please do. It’s quite important!

I shan’t be going go into the finer details of my Gerson journey in this blog but I can tell you this is quite an adventure. I read and listen to the testimonials of others following the same path both past and present and it’s interesting to see the same basic process seems to occur where the damaged human body responds in a myriad of different ways at different times as it begins to recover its immense strength. Part of the beauty of this process, as debilitating and frightening it can be at times, is that the body is in full control of its destiny when nourished properly and is not only able to fight back against even the most aggressive, advanced cancers and kill them off but it does so at a pace we can handle. The healing reactions and toxic removal events come periodically and last as long as the body deems necessary and are called off or halted as and when the body deems it necessary for the patient to recover and prepare for the next one. You couldn’t make this up!

Being a call away from Gerson practitioners when something intimidating or unusual is happening is a real comfort and they always have a solution. The Gerson Therapy has been described as the-eat-yourself-silly therapy and nutrition is of course the key to good health, an absolutely critical detail, which we need to fully grasp, but this is no picnic. The daily challenge of preparing such a vast amount of meals and juices as well as enemas and all manner of other tasks is not easy. With help at hand, extreme determination and the support of so many friends and strangers this is not going to be anything more than a challenge.

One of the ingredients for the Gerson green juice

In these pictures at the top you can see the fungus in my big toes, which started to spread in May last year when my cancer revealed itself. Some healers believe cancer is a fungus but whether or not that be the case what you do find is that the various fungi such as candida attach themselves to any disease and spread out wildly causing a further obstacle to healing and additional symptoms. The quacks of course recommend chemical drugs to attack candida but it goes without saying they don’t cure the cause and are not to be recommended if one is trying to detox the body and restore the liver as all their concoctions are liver toxic.

In the two images on the bottom you can see the state of my big toe nails after a few months of eating properly and detoxing. Fruit and veggies have the fungus on the run with no need for costly, toxic drugs and their side effects! Tell the average doctor this and you’ll probably get yourself a prescription for some psychiatric treatment, but by doing the right things for my body my immune system is starting to defend itself.

And here are a few of the works of art I was prone to creating before I set to work on this latest little project….

My book, two of my ponds, some greens and my latest creation, a juice press. The latter saved us several hundred pounds when engaging in Gerson and will one day soon I hope help others in the same boat.

Kinda cute and created from driftwood and car boot sale mirrors these things helped me eat and keep the car on the road.

This thing weighed a ton and only just squeezed under petrol station forecourts. It was something of a challenge to keep the posters attached to the frame while driving it around the country, to safely store when out of use and manoeuvre but it certainly got the message across! Sadly since I became grounded no one else had the same vision and my A Frame has fallen into disrepair. I wouldn’t engage in this project again personally but would happily put one together if others would make good of it.

I made around 90 nesting boxes and a handful of artificial floating islands, mostly from wood I foraged, most of which became quickly occupied by birds and hedgehogs. Sadly many have also fallen into disrepair since I was grounded but I’ll be back with a whole heap more once I’ve rebuilt my own temple.


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None of the information in this page or related material is intended to propose a cure or advice on curing cancer or any other disease. It is for information, educational and discussion purposes and to support my own contention that there is something in this for my own adventure in seeking to cure my incurable cancer. Seeking the truth is nothing to fear and one day soon I hope the same can be said of cancer.

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