Another Barclays Demo Day In London


What shall we do today? Barclays demos! We decided to meet at Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street today for a couple of Barclays demos, because the Goldman Sach's security guards are the tetchiest people in the world. They were scurrying around looking anxious that a demonstration might just kick off. We had no intention of demonstrating at Goldman Sachs today, but they are a scummy company and we like the idea of regularly meeting outside their office just to get their pulses racing. This day was, yet again, all about Barclays. Not only are Barclays the biggest shareholder in HLS with $8m of shares, but they are a huge investor in NYSE (HLS share traders) as well.

What Goldie Sucks were not expecting is for us to leave them completely and head up to 81 Fleet Street, Barclays. Arriving at about 12:20, a good loud demo took place at this disgusting company in the prime time when the streets are full of workers and tourists. The chanting was pretty constant throughout. The Barclays staff didn't like this at all, and we really made an impact at this busy time of day. If you weren't such a disgusting company, Barclays, we wouldn't have to demonstrate against you, would we? Barclays are a fat greedy psychopath, investing in anything and everything as long as they think they can make money from it. Next we wandered up the road to 19 Fleet Street, another Barclays.

In fact, this was yet again another really good place for a demonstration. Two in one street! It was like Christmas! Again, megaphones were used to get the message to all around what murky business Barclays are involved in, including the shares invested in puppy killers HLS. It started raining quite heavily during this demonstration, so a couple of protesters continued the demonstration inside nearby telephone boxes. One woman who was actually heading into Barclays lent one of the protesters her umbrella while she was in there, so approachable that we are. The message is clear Barclays: *SELL YOUR SHARES IN HLS & NYSE!*

The day that the animal suffering and torture finishes once and for all and the gates of hell at Huntingdon Life Sciences are finally closed or smashed down is the day that the campaigning will stop.

But for the closure of HLS, SHAC London will continue See for more information.


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