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Fur Flies Between Animal Rights Groups

Victoria News (Canada)

It was vegan versus vegan on Douglas Street Thursday as two animal rights organizations squared off over a display of fake chicken meat and real human flesh.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had two scantily-clad activists standing in the rain trying to lure customers into a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise on Douglas Street Thursday.

The group has been on a Canada-wide promotional campaign promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new vegetarian sandwich after the restaurant bowed to years of pressure over their suppliers’ treatment of poultry bound for the chain’s deep fryers.

But the two PETA “Lettuce Ladies,” dressed in green bikinis and handing out free sandwiches, were met by three protesters.

“We don’t think it’s appropriate PETA to be out promoting KFC, I’ve gotten two e-mails from them in the last week telling me to go eat at KFC,” said David Shishkoff, Victoria co-ordinator for U.S.-based organization Friends of Animals.

“As a vegan and an animal rights activist, I think that’s an abomination ... because they kill so many chickens.”

Wielding a sign reading “Lettuce respect women and animals,” Shishkoff said the Lettuce Lady campaign, which has also featured ads with Ladysmith-native Pamela Anderson, “is basically turning women into meat as well, which I think is really inappropriate.”

Lettuce lady Nicole Matthews, from Michigan, said she was comfortable using her figure to move PETA’s message.

“As a young woman, I choose to use my body to promote animal rights. It’s an eye-catching way to grab attention. In today’s media market, sex sells and cruelty to animals is not something most people really want to think about.”

Matthews said KFC’s decision to offer a vegetarian sandwich should be welcomed.

“It’s giving people a cruelty-free choice by having a vegetarian sandwich on the menu,” said Matthews, seeming as unfazed by the protest as she did by the cold, wet weather.

Shishkoff said PETA, which still maintains a website called calling for a boycott of KFC, could have expressed its congratulations by writing a letter, not carrying out a continent-wide publicity blitz on the restaurant’s behalf.

“In Victoria, we have two vegan restaurants -- why aren’t they telling people to go and eat there?” he asked.


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