Stadium’s “Dog Killed For Research” Connection


"Exposed" breeder sponsoring Coventry races

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Campaigners are claiming that a breeding kennels, exposed in the media earlier this year for "offering to sell healthy young dogs to be killed and dissected for research", is closely connected with Coventry Stadium.

According to greyhound protection group Greyhound Action, Lincolnshire-based Zigzag Kennels, which featured in a May 11th Sunday Times article, entitled "Greyhound breeder offers slow dogs to be killed for research", sponsors several major race meetings every year at the stadium, whose racecard regular displays the words "In association with Zigzag Kennels" on the front.

Sunday Times reporter, Daniel Foggo, claimed in the article that Zigzag boss, Charles Pickering, admitted to supplying "up to 30 dogs a year" to Liverpool University for research purposes, after the greyhounds had failed to make the grade as racers or when their racing days were over.

Tony Peters, Greyhound Action's UK Co-ordinator, said: "Very sadly, it doesn't surprise us in the least that there is a connection between Coventry Stadium and these kennels.

"According to our research, over 15,000 greyhounds, bred for the British dog racing industry, are put to death every year, after proving to be unsuitable for the purpose or when their days on the track come to an end through age or injury.

"Therefore it is hardly surprising that some people within the racing industry should seek to make extra cash from selling the bodies of these dogs for dissection.

"As one of Britain's 30 major greyhound stadiums, the existence of a track like Coventry is responsible for the slaughter of over 500 greyhounds annually, so the stadium owners aren't going to shirk at being connected with an establishment like Zigzag.

"Greyhound Action believes that the only real solution to this horrific state of affairs is for dog racing to be brought to an end at Coventry Stadium and for the greyhound racing industry as a whole to be abolished, by making it illegal to place or accept bets on dog racing."

"In the meantime it is important to educate the public to boycott greyhound racing. If enough people refrained from attending dog tracks and stopped betting on greyhound races, the industry would die out through lack of financial support."

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