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SPEAK Political emails are like buses. You wait for ages for one then two come along together. The fact is that so much has happened since our last email a couple of weeks ago that we felt it was important to let you know about it sooner rather than later.

Let’s start with the bad news. Sadly we have lost the second Animal Protection Shop we were after in Welling High Street, South-East London. Things seemed to be going well until the landlords decided they didn’t want us. We’re doubly sad because of the great location the shop was in, right next door to the local McDonalds.

It seems that where we saw an excellent opportunity to re-educate people, the landlords (who own the whole block) saw only potential problems. This is the third shop in the same area we have failed to get, and signals to us that we should probably cast our net further a field. Never mind, we shall redouble our efforts and persevere.

In another interesting turn of events this month we have seen the emergence of agent provocateurs once again working in our midst in the form of a supposed political union. With no working contact number or email (they obviously don’t want to break cover and show themselves), this organisation has made their website look similar to SPEAK Political’s and is issuing the message that to win political favour we must support the well meaning MP’s by using tactical voting.

While SPEAK Political will not stand against a well meaning incumbent, we cannot rely on this method in an age where so many outside forces are working to make politicians look the other way.

This technique of supporting and lobbying sympathetic MP’s failed the Christian Fundamentalists last week over the Abortion Bill, and it will continue to fail the animal rights/welfare movement in the future, as it has in the past. Maintaining the status-quo benefits only the establishment, not the animals.

To further prove the point, in the same week MP’s rejected an amendment to the Human Embryology Bill that would have outlawed the creation of ‘human-animal’ hybrid embryos. This supposed free vote gave the scientists and drug companies everything they wanted and proves that our democracy is so weak at present that MP’s will back the will of even a failing Prime Minister like Gordon Brown. So many years of dictatorial government means that MP’s (even well meaning ones) do exactly as they’re told, not what they believe.

We always like to finish on a high and this is no exception. Part of the ethos of SPEAK Political is to bring the animal rights movement together to realise it’s true potential. In order for this to work we need as many of the leading figures and thinkers of the animal rights community to get on board.

Things continue to move forward nicely on this front. In recent months we’ve brought you the exciting news that both Keith Mann and Dave Wetton have joined our ranks. Now it gives us great pleasure to announce that Ronnie Lee has joined us too.

As one of the countries leading animal rights activists for nearly forty years Ronnie really needs no introduction. That a figure with his reputation has seen the potential offered by SPEAK Political shows that we really do mean business.

Questions have already been asked of us regarding our alliance with people who some see as controversial. We repeat our mantra that we will not allow our enemies to tell us who our friends can be. Why? Because if we do we’ll lose the very essence of what this organisation is all about. It is about non-appeasement, and it is about etermination to get the job done. And unless we embrace the passionate people who have worked on the frontline of the movement, we cannot do what’s best for the animals.


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