Lukewarm Meeting on Whaling in Chilly Chile


Canada has kept our ship the /Farley Mowat/ confiscated for 74 days and counting. As the amount the Canadian government owes Sea Shepherd increases, we keep ourselves busy working globally for the oceans. I am currently traveling in Chile for the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting. As can be expected, not a whole lot of positive progress for the whales is happening as Japan throws its weight around, and so we begin preparations to launch a major offensive against whaling...

Paul being interviewed in ChileCaptain Watson is currently in Santiago, Chile to speak out against illegal whaling at the 60th annual IWC meeting. After quietly entering the country through customs, Captain Watson was allowed to check into his room in the hotel where the conference is happening- quite the turn around from last year's IWC conference where he was denied entrance. Regardless, this year's conference seems full of the same banal rhetoric that will lead to little change. Looks like Sea Shepherd will be returning to the Southern Ocean to defend the whales, since no one else seems willing to hold the Japanese accountable.

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*Sea Shepherd Prepares to Mount a Major Offensive Against Whaling*

Courtesy Australian Customs ServiceIt looks like the task of stopping illegal Japanese whaling is now in the hands of Sea Shepherd. Australia has backed down from aggressively opposing Japanese whaling operations, opting instead to support Japanese/Australia trade relations over the interests of the vast majority of Australian citizens.

In response, Captain Watson says, "We intend to hit Japan harder than ever with new tactics, new equipment and with a renewed determination to shut down their illegal whaling activities. We will never retreat and we will not compromise - there can be no acceptance or compromising with the taking of endangered species inside an established whale sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on whaling. We don't compromise with eco-terrorists."

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Updated Seal Defense Campaign 2008 Video Footage Available
Our ship the /Farley Mowat/ has now officially been held for 74 days in Canada for documenting the inhumane seal slaughter. Check out the updated and extended video footage we've posted on our website detailing the attacks we endured in St Pierre-Miquelon and from the Canadian Coast Guard.
Money Owed on the Farley Mowat

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We are continuing to make waves globally and are actively working on behalf of ocean wildlife everywhere. I thank-you for your support, for we could not save the whales, dolphins, sharks, or seals without your compassion and generosity.
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