Vivisectors Conference Cancelled - NZ


Animal rights campaigners today claimed a victory after a major scientific conference was cancelled in Auckland

Mark Eden, of the National Anti Vivisection Campaign said the annual Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching conference at Ellerslie Events Centre was cancelled because the centre was "nervous of protest action".

The conference was due to start on Sunday and run to July 1, but Mr Eden said the council had advised delegates it was off.

He said it was the second time the animal research conference had "lost" a venue.

In June 2005, the National Library in Wellington, opposite Parliament, announced yesterday the conference booking had been cancelled, two weeks before it was due to start.

That cancellation was after animal rights supporters bombarded the library with letters and emails promising noisy protests throughout the three-day conference.

Mr Eden said campaigners opposed the use of over 300,000 live animals in experiments and research annually, in which 17,000 faced severe suffering, such as wounding, electric shocks, lethal toxins, cutting, freezing and burning.

"We are pleased that this event has been cancelled," he said.

Separately, another animal welfare group, Campaign Against Factory Farming, welcomed the news a broiler chicken and battery hen operation at Papakura had been closed down, following the successful prosecution of Wellington Egg Company owners Trevor and Sandi Chin last year.


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