Active in Austria


just in case you thought the austrian movement has succumbed to repression pressure:

- activists occupied an illegally run battery farm

- the kleider bauer fur demos continue unperturbed with 2 demos in
vienna per week, 2 in innsbruck, 1 in linz, 2 in graz, 1 in wr. Neustadtund every 4 weeks 1 in st. pölten

- there were large anti-fur demo marches in different cities in the
last weeks, in innsbruck only yesterday. pictures of the march in graz
for example are here:

- yesterday, 25 activists occupied a pig factory near vienna. the pig
farmer punctured the tyres of one activist car - who's the criminal?

- people went hunt sabbing last monday. police was out in force and
established road blocks. all activists escaped, some in a car right
through the forest off-road.

- there are loads of talks on martin's new book "resistance in
democracy", especially at all occupied universities across the country,
more than 15 so far. next week, martin will even be in slovenia and
croatia to present his book. the book has run out of its first print and is being reprinted this minute. vgt alone has sold more than 500 copies already and still more demands for the book are flooding in. all MPs have been sent a copy of the book.

- there were animal liberation workshops in all major cities across the country, all very well attended

- on repression: the public still is completely sympathetic to the
activists being charged. media are still reporting well. also, all media reports on the above actions have been favourably. so far, state
repression is not working!


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