‘AR Activist’ To Open Harrods


Actress hired to open Harrods Sale faces protests.


See below for contact alert and protest details, and for links to demos from previous years.

Actress and TV personality Amanda Holden has been hired to open the Harrods post-Christmas Sale on Saturday 26th December, Boxing Day. With the world's media also expected to be present, we will be there as usual with placards, banners and leaflets, to expose Harrods' leading role in promoting and profiting from the bloody fur trade. Please join us if you can

Whether or not you can make the protest on the day, please take a minute to contact Ms Holden and ask her not to promote Harrods while it continues to sell fur, see below for details.

Meet from 8.45am to 9.45am at Harrods, 87 Brompton Rd, SW1X 7XL (next to Knightsbridge Tube Station, head for tube exit marked Harrods). The opening will be at 10am, and will only last a few minutes. Please make an effort to attend the protest, it lasts less than an hour, but it is the most important date in Harrods year. (This year the opening will take place by door number 3, not 5, as in previous years, due to pedestrianisation)

This is Harrods' biggest event of the year, and the sale opening usually attracts worldwide publicity. So as always it's an excellent chance for us to highlight Harrods' role as the only department store in the UK which does not have a fur-free policy. In previous years our sale protests have been publicised around the world, see below for details.

Please contact Amanda Holden and remind her about the horrors of the fur trade and Harrods' leading role in promoting fur, that Harrods is the ONLY UK department store which does not have a fur-free policy, even though it is illegal to produce fur in the UK. And also as in previous years that we intend to be there to protest on the day.

A great animal rights activist?
According to various sources, Ms Holden is a vegetarian and "a great animal rights activist". Remind her about her about the terrible suffering of the animals killed in their millions for the fur trade.

Ms Holden, in addition to her role as an actress, is also a judge on the TV talent show Britain's Got Talent. Ask her to show the same compassion and moral conscience as another talent show winner turned international star Leona Lewis, who turned down an offer of £1million to open the Harrods sale because of its sale of fur.

Please contact Amanda Holden via her agency and mark all correspondence FAO Amanda Holden. Please keep all letters polite and informative, and please forward any replies you receive to us london@caft.org.uk.

Agent & Booking
Sue Latimer
Artists Rights Group Limited
4 Great Portland Street
London W1W 8PA
T: +44 (0) 207 436 6400 fax 6700

American Agent
John Ferriter
William Morris
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
T: +1 310-859-4000

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