Dying Elephant Trainer Blows The Whistle


Wednesday December 16 2009 the Washington Post ran an article by David Montgomery exposing the Ringling bros circus. The article shares shocking information released by a Ringling Brothers elephant trainer shortly before he died, and is accompanied by some typically disturbing photos, the likes of which animal rights activists are well used to seeing but the rest of the world particularly circus goers need to see these and read this revealing story.

“Sammy Haddock started working with elephants when he joined the circus at 20, in 1976, a young man's dream. He walked them, groomed them, cleaned up after them. More than once, he later confessed, he beat them. Over time, his feelings about elephants grew more tender, especially toward the babies…”

You'll find the full article on line at http://tinyurl.com/ych7lny and photos of baby elephants being separated by their mothers and trained using ropes and sharp bullhooks at http://tinyurl.com/y8rgt7q


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