Zoo Worker Has Sex With Dog


Ex-Chester Zoo worker convicted of trying to have sex with rottweiler

Thomas Robert Edwards, 20, was seen with his boxer shorts around his ankles and to grab the bitch Tara by its hind legs and thrust himself at the animal for about 20 or 30 seconds. A witness who watched in horror from an upstairs neighbouring window said he could take no more when he then saw Edwards indulge in an indecent act by himself. Edwards, who at the time worked in catering at Chester Zoo, denied a charge of attempting to sexually penetrate a living animal during an incident on August 30 this year. He said he went into the backyard simply to have a smoke and to urinate – and had simply stroked one of two dogs which he did not know were there until he went into the yard. Edwards, of Alyndale, Hope, was convicted by a jury of 10 men and two women.

The court heard how he had earlier admitted seven charges of possessing extreme bestiality porn on his computer, which involved humans engaged in sexual activity with horses and dogs. Judge John Rogers QC, sitting at Mold Crown Court, adjourned sentence until January and asked for reports from the probation service but he indicated Edwards would receive a non-custodial sentence. The court heard that Edwards was drunk. He had been out with friends in Wrexham and returned by taxi to Caergwrle where they went to a party at the home of Janine Todd.

Her neighbour Richard Williams said he was awoken in the early hours by a commotion involving the dogs and looked out of the window and was staggered to see Edwards trying to have sex with the dog. Mr Williams knocked on the window and Edwards looked away, did not know where to put himself and a short time later went into the house after telling him he had not done anything to the dog. Mr Williams said: “I felt sick. I was shocked. I could not believe what I had just seen.”

In a statement read to the court Mrs Todd said she had two female rottweilers which were both of a placid nature and not put off by strangers. She went to bed in the early hours and felt flabbergasted and shocked that someone may have had sex with Tara. Edwards told police he liked dogs and said his own dog had to be put down
a couple of days previously. But he vehemently denied the allegations. In evidence he said that at the time he worked in the catering and bars department at Chester Zoo, but had no involvement with the animals there.
He no longer worked there, and hoped to go to college to work with animals.

Cross-examined, Edwards denied being sexually interested in animals and said the films had been downloaded on to his computer by mistake. James Cullen, prosecuting, suggested to him that because of his drunkenness, with his inhibitions lowered, he tried to have sex with the female dog.

Andrew Green, defending, told the jury Williams may have been mistaken in what he had seen.



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