Police Condemn Broughton


Police today condemned Mel Broughton for "risking the lives of other people" in his campaign to stop scientific testing on animals

Following Broughton's conviction for conspiracy to commit arson, acting Det Supt Mark Jones, of Thames Valley Police, said: "A lengthy and thorough investigation has today been rewarded with an excellent result.

"The evidence showed the jury that Broughton's interest in the animal rights cause went further than that of a legitimate protester.

"He has been proven to be someone who believes direct action, in the form of planting explosives and setting fires, is acceptable.

"By doing so, he has shown that he is willing to risk the lives of other people for his cause.

"The conviction today demonstrates that detectives will continue to pursue all lines of enquiry available, even many months down the line.

"And as science provides an increasingly effective tool in the fight against extremism, anyone considering crossing the line between reasonable, lawful protest and criminal activity should take note."

CPS lawyer Paul Harrison said: "Although Mel Broughton claimed to be merely a spokesperson for the campaign against the building of the Oxford Laboratory and a peaceful protester and activist, we produced evidence in court to show that he played a far more proactive and sinister role by taking part in a fire bombing campaign.

"Evidence presented to the jury included Mel Broughton's inflammatory speeches and his previous conviction for a similar offence, along with his DNA material and fingerprints on the unexploded devices and material associated with them.

"Police also found a quantity of sparklers, similar to those used as a fuse in the unexploded devices, deliberately concealed at Broughton's home. "The attacks were aimed at damaging property rather than people as they were carried out at night, but firebombs are indiscriminate.

"As well as causing serious damage to property they also threaten the lives of anybody in the vicinity and particularly those of members of the emergency services who have the task of dealing with the aftermath.

"While our society supports the right to free speech and to campaign peacefully, Mel Broughton went well beyond that by using force against a legitimate academic institution and business in an attempt to further his aims.

"This prosecution demonstrates that, where there is evidence of criminal behaviour, regardless of the perceived cause, a prosecution will almost certainly follow."

By Thom Airs



Let us not forget that Mel was set up. He did not do what he has been convicted of. They did what they did to him to get him out of the way. Mel, like all activists campaigning against these atrocities, is a thorn in the side of those who perpetrate them. Mel has a slim hope of being freed through appeal but to him the most important thing is for there to be more people on the streets of Oxford. http://www.speakcampaigns.org/


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