Jailed for Refusing to Testify



Today, Friday, March 13th 2009, Utah animal rights activist Jordan Halliday was held in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a grand jury.Judge Tena Campbell granted him immunity which, as a result, takes away his constitutional first and fifth amendment rights. Judge Campbell chose to forego adding a fine penalty to the contempt of court. Jordan is being held to "compel" him to answer all questions posed by the grand jury which so far have only consisted of questions about who is his family and friends.

Jordan will be held at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail. Please call and demand *politely* that he receives vegan meals and ask that he be released as he has not been charged with any crime. GRAND JURIES ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

It is believed that this grand jury has jailed Jordan to try and probe him for information on the animal rights community. Two activists were recently arrested and accused of freeing mink. It is possible that they do not have enough evidence against these activists, so they are attempting to manipulate Jordan for information on them, or for info on the animal activist community in general.

Voice your disapproval. Calling the jail is legal and is NOT harassment. Be polite but firm.
Salt Lake County Metro Jail: (801) 743-5000 Dial 1 then 0 to get to an operator or (801) 743 5500

Please e-mail the sheriff at: http://www.slco.org/sheriff/forms/sheriff_form.cfm
and write to:
Jordan Halliday
Cache County Jail
Inmate #24836
1225 West Valley View Highway, Suite 100
Logan , UT

What are grand juries?

Grand juries are a threat to the rights of social dissidents and the rights of Americans generally. Grand juries ostensibly were established to be a curb on prosecutors power but has instead resulted in greater misuse of prosecutors power. Prosecutors have the unilateral power to subpoena anyone and compel them to answer questions under threat of imprisonment. At a grand jury, you have no Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. You also have no right to have an attorney present with you during the questioning. Grand juries almost always indict because no other side is allowed to present their argument against indictment.

Why is Jordan in jail?

This particular grand jury was allegedly established for the purpose of investigating mink releases in Utah . However, the questions asked of Jordan went far beyond inquests on criminal activity. The prosecution is clearly using the grand jury as a fishing expedition to investigate the activities of animal rights activists generally. These tactics are employed to chill free speech activities and intimidate people from standing up for the rights of themselves and animals. Jordan is making a commendable principled stand for his refusal to cooperate with this abridgement of rights. He has committed absolutely no violation of law and is NOT considered a suspect in the mink release or any other illegal activity. He is being held in contempt simply because he refuses to acquiesce to the abridgement of his First and Fifth Amendment rights.


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