Highbridge & HLS


Highbridge Capital announce the dumping of most of their shares and will be disposing of the remainder soon.

This since our email alert on Friday 15th May and peaceful protests in New York over the weekend re the new second largest institutional shareholder – Highbridge Capital who owned 187,597 shares in LSR stock.

Highbridge Capital have been in contact with SHAC and have shown us their brokage account details to show that they have now sold over 90% of their shares in HLS (LSR) and are hoping to dispose of the remainder very soon. They presently hold 21,900 shares.

We would like to thank Highbridge Capital for taking this step and await confirmation of the sale of their remaining shares following assurances from Lisa Steele, Senior Vice President of Highbridge Capital.

We have stated that we will hold off on protests and further emails as Highbridge Capital have been open with their dialogue and genuine. So, unless there is a delay in the sale of their shares we ask for campaigners to concentrate on other larger shareholders and also support next weeks Mad Science May - Week of Action:


Thanks to all campaigners that have protested, emailed and contacted companies over their investments., until all are free.

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