EDM569 - Now Finished


Early Day Motions have now closed for this session of parliament. EDM569 finished with the support of 243 MPs, ranking it joint 10th out of 2,421 EDMs in this parliamentary session. In other words, it was better supported that 99.5% of other EDMs. EDM569 calls for an evaluation of animal and non animal methods to establish whether some animal tests can be discontinued.

Interestingly, one of the few EDMs attracting more support was the sixth-placed EDM545 which called for more resources and political will to be directed towards reversing the increases in numbers of animals used in experiments.

Many people were pleasantly suprised at how eagerly their MP agreed to support EDM569. On the last day the EDM was even supported by Evan Harris. Harris has been an outspoken supporter of animal testing and an opponent of similar proposed inquiries.

The undoubted success of EDM569 is another example of the support there is for a reasonable policy on animal testing based on discussion and evaluation as opposed to relying on those involved in the practice to make responsible decisions without being monitored. Safer Medicines, who instigated the EDM, will continue to call for an inquiry, which as well as being a very reasonable and acceptable request offers massive potential for advances in this area.


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