(Italy) Morini Farm Close Down At Last!


To remind you we (grass roots activists) had a fierce campaign against Morini farm, a vivisection supplier based in Italy that had in the past supplied all labs in the country and also labs in different countries of Europe. They had up to 1,100 beagles and thousands of rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils and also mini-pigs.

The campaign started in the end of 2002 and was halted in 2006-2007, when practically all demos at the farm or in the town and also at suppliers in the whole county were banned by police. It was halted also because we had proof that the farm business was practically disrupted and they were not selling any dogs to labs anymore (just to pet shops) and that they had already decided to sell the land to a building company that had presented to the city council a project to build houses on that land. We knew the farm was going to close down soon, but still they kept doing (very poor) business up to now. In the meantime we continued monitoring their sales and had proof the dogs were not going to labs and the numbers were reduced to 330.

Now, after all these years, we can taste the victory of the campaign because the farm is finally going to close and in the worse way, confirming that these years they kept open not in order to make money but only not to give any satisfaction to us and all animal rights activists: in fact during these years they had built debts, didn't pay taxes and now the banks have taken all their goods for 120.000 euros!!!

There is still one problem we have to solve as a whole movement here among the goods taken and put on auction there is 278 dogs! We managed to stop the auction for now and we hope animal rights organizations can have the dogs given to them.

Incredible but true: among the goods on auction there is the car of Giovanna Soprani, owner of the farm. This car was burned in the summer of 2003 and is still almost destroyed, but on sale!

You can see the auction website here with pictures of beagles:

You can see the cars here:

Pictures of the tractor:

18/11/09 UPDATE

The auction seems will start again with all the dogs sold one by one and no more in a single 278 dogs block that only some big and nasty company could have bought. The price is 400 Euros each, not so low. We hope no one will buy them at this price so the next auctions will have lower and lower prices and the farm will gain less money from the dogs and more will be taken from other goods, like the house of the farmer etc.

There is also 50 or 70 more dogs that are not on auction and we are trying to get for free. We do not know yet how many rodents are still in the farm and their future, but we are trying to get infos on them too through public vet services!



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