Mink Liberator Caught Red-Handed


Extract of a press release from Monday of die tierbefreier e.v.

"A 33 year old German animal rights activist was arrested on a mink farm in Gelderse/Barchem inthe night of the 29th October. At the moment she is still in custody in Rotterdam. At the time she was arrested 5000 minks were released and many cages damaged on the farm which is about 20 km away from the German border close to Enschede. Nearly 20.000 minks are encaged on that farm. According to the Dutch police an “unknown number of further persons” could escape. Police states that the freeing of another 15.000 minks and the removal of the outer fence, to let them into freedom, was prevented due to their interference. According to a statement of the police, the “redhanded” arrest, as they call it, is a direct result of intensive investigation und surveillance of the Dutch Animal Rights scene by a special investigation team, which was set up last year. After the arrest the woman´s current apartment in Hilversum was searched by police. An apartment in Amsterdam belonging to another activist was also searched, a warrant of arrest against him was issued. Even though the woman was already arrested in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, not even her husband was allowed to visit her since." Today a judge decided that she will stay in remand for at least two more weeks, after that a new decision for a further 90 days will be made. She was moved to a prison in Breda.


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