Mink Raider In Court


BJ Viehl will be sentenced on November 12th at 2pm for his role in releasing 600 mink from a fur farm in South Jordan, Utah.

This is the first sentencing for a non-turncoat, accused Animal Liberation Front activist (for an A.L.F. action) in the U.S. in over two years. This will also be the first guilty plea under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Please spread the word on this significant date.

There are many possible outcomes. His lawyers are stating it is a possibility BJ will walk free from court that day. As part of the plea deal, the prosecution will recommend the low end of the sentencing guidelines, making immediate release a possibility.

The sentencing guidelines under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for a low-dollar damage amount crime, and a defendant with no criminal history, is somewhere in the 6 to 10 month range. Despite all the hype, within a certain margin the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is not entirely the threat we have built it up to be. It is possible BJ would fare much worse in state court.

Please come *dressed appropriately* for court.
US Federal Court
350 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT
Thursday, November 12th
2pm sharp.
Case background:

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