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Temporary foster homes needed now

VERY URGENT- Swansea Greyhound Track Closure in Wales (UK)- PLEASE HELP- FOSTER HOMES NEEDED NOW

It has been formally announced that racing will come to an end at Swansea Greyhound Track this Saturday, November 7th. Greyhound Rescue Wales has immediately implemented its prepared action plan, named 'Operation Greyhound'. In partnership with other leading charities, greyhounds that have raced at Swansea will be taken in by these charities for re-homing.We have already accepted four greyhounds into our care. We are confident that by working together, the partners in Operation Greyhound will be able to provide for any and all greyhounds that are now unwanted. Please find attached our media release. Feel free to use all or any of this information, including contact details, and circulate as you wish.

Many thanks Penny Hard, Chair, Greyhound Rescue Wales


On behalf of: Dogs Trust, Greyhound Rescue Wales, Greyhound Welfare, RSPCA Cymru, RSPCA Llys Nini, Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue.



Six leading animal welfare groups in Wales have joined forces to find homes for all greyhounds who will need them as a result of the forthcoming closure of Swansea Greyhound Stadium. The groups have named the initiative “Operation Greyhound”.

The organisations involved are: Dogs Trust, Greyhound Rescue Wales, Greyhound Welfare, RSPCA Cymru, RSPCA Llys Nini (Swansea) and Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue. Swansea Greyhound Stadium and the City and County of Swansea are also working closely with the partnership.

Penny Hard the Chair of Greyhound Rescue Wales, and a spokesperson for Operation Greyhound said:

“Once the Swansea track closes there will no longer be a greyhound track in south-west Wales and many people who currently frequent the Swansea track may well decide to retire their dogs.

“We know that many of these owners will want to keep their dogs as pets but also, that not everyone will be able to, particularly in the current economic climate.

“The six organisations involved have therefore pooled resources, as a one-off exercise, to make sure that we can find good homes as family pets for all the greyhounds retiring from Swansea who need them.

“The greyhounds will be taken into the care of one the partner organisations until a home can be found, and all homes will be checked before homing to make sure they are aware of the responsibilities of dog ownership”.

If anyone who has raced their dog mainly at the Swansea track in the past wants us to find a home for one or more of their dogs all they have to do is telephone 0300 0123 999 or email info@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk. Operation Greyhound will not ask for any payment for this service because our only concern is to help all those dogs who need a home.

If anyone wants to offer a home to a greyhound retiring from Swansea they can use the same number and email. Operation Greyhound is also looking for foster homes who could take in one of these dogs on a temporary basis until a permanent home can be found.


Greyhound racing is divided in two: the Registered Sector and the Independent Sector.

The Registered sector is governed by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) This was formerly the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC).

The Independent Sector is not currently regulated. However, three of the organisations in this partnership (Dogs Trust, Greyhound Rescue Wales and RSPCA Cymru) have been working with the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh greyhound tracks to prepare regulations to assure the welfare of greyhounds racing in Wales in the future.

There are about 30 GBGB Registered Tracks. All of these are in England and Scotland, there are none in Wales.

Independent tracks have been closing steadily in recent years. Once the independent track at Swansea closes there will be one other independent greyhound track remaining in Wales, ‘Valleys Stadium’ at Ystrad Mynach near Caerphilly.

The welfare organisations estimate that around 100 greyhounds may need homes as a result of the closure of the Swansea greyhound track.

All six welfare organisations have committed finance or help in kind (kennelling, transport, neutering vaccination etc) to assure the welfare of greyhounds retiring from Swansea.

For more information please contact Penny Hard. Chair, Greyhound Rescue Wales.


07772 999851 - 01269 861001

For more information about the partner organisations:

Dogs Trust www.dogstrust.org.uk
Greyhound Rescue Wales www.greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk
Greyhound Welfare www.greyhoundwelfare.org.uk
Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue www.swissvalleygr.co.uk

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