Danish Fur Investigation Launched


Today an investigation into Danish fur farms will be broadcast by the tv-program Operation X. The program shows cruel mistreatment of animals on mink and fox farms. Leading international experts such as Georgia Mason condemn what the images show.

The footage shown in the programs was taken by animal protectionists who trespassed on fur farms and therefore the fur breeders have done everything in their power to get the program stopped. However a court ruling went against them and the program will now air. The fur breeders have spend the last month throwing mud at Anima (including full page ads in all daily newspapers), the public service tv-station TV2 who have produced the program and their media partners as the newspaper Ekstra Bladet. But now the public will get to see and judge how conditions are on fur farms.

Photos and films are available on www.forbydminkavl.dk

The debate already kicked off tonight when MEP Dan Jørgensen announced that he wants EU to ban all fur production and got plenty of media coverage. The two socialist parties (about 20% of the collective vote) have now demanded a ban.


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