Nine Mink Farms Raided

October 2009

Following the earlier raid on the mink farm in France, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation released a statement condemning the farmers. "Mobilizing to return these poor animals to their death camp is a shame and a disgrace," the Foundation said.
Regarding to the 4th mink farm, the one in Soria, located hundreds of miles away from the other three:

It says that the cages of 10.000 minks were opened, but provably just 1.000 were able to escape. Some of them have been recaptured more than 2 kilometers away from the farm.

This farm was firebombed in 2003.

This other article: says that there were about 17.500 minks freed from the 3 farms in Galicia.

The traditionally moderate Igualdad Animal issued a press release condemning mink farms and animal abuse as a whole announcing that they are happy for the mink and that they are going to release an investigation into mink farms in Spain soon.

In Sweden a farm raided three times previously was hit again early in October 09 causing 1000 mink to be freed and the farmer to announce an end to his trading in seldom-caged mink.

In France it was reported on October 16 that 2-3000 mink had 'escaped' from a farm in the Dordogne region. This hot on the heels of a typically pleasant expose of fur farming in Denmark. Such was that the Danish fur trade have offered a reward of 500 000 danish krona to anyone who can give information on who the anonymous investigator was. What does that tell you!

Pictures and article in danish:

mink farm raided usa

On October 5, The Daily Astorian newspaper reported, "At 1:23 a.m. Sunday, a resident of the 92600 block of Simonsen Road reported terrorists are releasing her mink. A Clatsop County Sheriff's deputy is investigating."
According to Fur Commission USA, 300 mink were released from cages at the Ylipelto Fur Farm (92659 Simonsen Loop Road) in Astoria, Oregon.
The farm was the target of a raid in October 2008.

New attack on Jutland mink farm

For the second time this week (Oct 09) there have been acts of vandalism against a mink farm. This time, thousands of animals were let out of cages.

Police: Attack on mink farms are planned. Early on Friday unknown perpetrators opened mink cages on a mink farm in Fousing by Klosterhede plantation in western Jutland. It was a driver from a mink feed center who discovered the vandalism at mink farms in Hedevej and that many of mink escaped. The fence around the mink farm is destroyed in several places, but not all 5000 farm mink escaped into the open, stated the guard commander at Central and West Jutland police in Holstebro.

As with Tuesday's attacks on a mink farm near Søndervig when 6000 mink were let out, the area's other mink farmers and hunting clubs were immediately alerted, to capture or shoot escaped mink.Holstebro Central Minkfeeder discovered shortly before five o'clock Friday morning that one of the taps to a silo, which contains five tons minkfoder had been opened. Staff from the animal center saw a man running from the silo to a car and he disappeared.


All across the world these once captive wild animals are living each day as fugitives, as symbols of freedom.


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