Sea Shepherd's New Speedboat


Earthrace Superboat Joining Sea Shepherd Fleet

78 foot trimaran wave piercer to intercept and block harpoons

Los Angeles, CA- At a fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 17th, 2009, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society unveiled their newest ocean defense vessel: the Ady Gil. The vessel, previously known as the Earthrace, is a fast, futuristic looking trimaran that recently set the world record for global circumnavigation. The vessel renaming reflects the ship’s benefactor, Ady Gil, who helped acquire the vessel. Sea Shepherd is currently preparing for it’s 6th Whale Defense Campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda. The campaign will launch from Australia in early December with Sea Shepherd’s flagship Steve Irwin, which will be accompanied to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by the new Ady Gil. Together, the ships and the volunteer crew will intervene in illegal Japanese whaling in Antarctica. Due to its speed capabilities, up to 50 knots, Captain Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd President and Founder) intends to use the Ady Gil to intercept and physically block the harpoon ships from illegally slaughtering whales. Says Captain Watson, “We’re very excited that the Ady Gil will be joining the Steve Irwin in Antarctica this campaign. With these two ships, we will mount the most ambitious and aggressive effort to date to obstruct the slaughter of the whales in the Southern Ocean.” Says Chuck Swift, Deputy CEO in charge of ship’s operations, “The Ady Gil gives us the speed necessary to catch and stay with the Japanese whaling fleet. We are very optimistic that with these two ships, and some other surprises, we will shut down whaling in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.”

Donate a Boat

Sea Shepherd is in constant need of additional vessels for our palegic conservation work. We need everything from coastal patrol vessels (flybridge sportfishing boats would be perfect), inflatables (zodiacs or equivalent), personal watercraft (4-stroke jetskiis/seadoos), and other types of vessels and marine equipment.

Any donated boat is deductible as a charitable contribution. Sea Shepherd is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. We really need your support in the new millenium. PLEASE let us know if you have a boat to donate, or if you know of a boat that might be available. Your support can truly make a difference for the marine wildlife we serve.


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