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In august the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit recently sent a communique and loads of pictures proving 2 Italian mink farms have closed down for good.

The first one is De Nardi farm in Vittorio Veneto. This had never been raided and looks quite small, and seems closed from a few years (now a few
sheep are inside the compound). What makes this discovery important is that de Nardi was president of AIAV (Italian Mink Farmers Association) a few years back.

The ALIU say they inspected also the storage room at night and found cages of singing birds that were smashed with the animals released... even if their aim was just an inspection they couldn't leave those animals in such a tiny cage.

See pics here:


The other, and most important, discovery, is Anipel mink farm in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona). This farm has been subject to a lot of actions and has finally closed down.

All cages are empty and some sheds are being dismantled, with a lot of cages outside the farm near the truck of the company that is "On sale". The first liberation at Anipel was back in 1995. After years of peace their life became impossible in 2006, when an arson and a liberation struck them in a few months. In 2008 the Alf went back at the farm to free all animals twice in a week and the owners lost almost all of them, forcing them to closure.

In the pics you can still see some ALF graffiti on the sheds and walls of the farm.

Pics here:



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