Ritual Killing Condemned


Press release: Pan African condemnation of upcoming KZN Bull killing ritual

With only three months to go before another bull is torn apart to die a terrified and agonising death, animal welfare representatives from 10 African countries have called on the South African Parliament to denounce this annual ritual as unbecoming of the modern face of Africa .

At the end of the first-ever pan-African conference on animal welfare, held in Nairobi , Kenya , on 21- 24 September 2009, delegates unanimously called for the recognition of animals as 'sentient', deserving of care, respect and protection.

Delegates also signed a petition calling on the South African Parliament to halt, with immediate effect, the bare handed killing of the bull at the First Fruit Festival in Kwa Zulu-Natal usually held on the first Saturday in December each year. The petition stated: "We believe that cruelty to animals is not the face of Africa that will see us contributing to global discourse as competent and dignified participants." Countries that took part in the conference included Somali, Uganda, Egypt, DR Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

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