150 Angry Activists March to Close Down the Bradford Lab


150 activists today held a loud, noisy and visual demonstration through Bradford against the University of Bradford’s animal testing laboratory and calling for its closure.
The march started off in Centenary Square, where speeches were made by Luke Steele, spokesperson for Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford (SAEAB) who talked about the determination of activists to achieve their goals and how if we need to start another campaign like Girton, then we will. Next up was Amanda Richards from Speak Campaigns who spoke about the need to focus n university animal research facilities and the campaign to shut down such laboratories, like Bradford and Oxford.

Following this, the march set off round the town centre where members of the public showed support and over 1,000 leaflets were given out about why we were there. Upon approach to the university, the demonstration became much more focused and angry, showing that we are united in our aims. Chants echoed around the area and nobody was left without a doubt as to why we were there. Once arriving at the university, activists stood outside the Richmond Building where animals are housed on the top floor and let the animal killers know we were there. The usually smarmy security staff could be seen scuttling around inside the building as over a hundred determined activists chanted loudly outside. The police then decided it was a good idea to start trouble and begun pushing campaigners and arrested two for currently unknown charges.

Debbie Vincent from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty then spoke about the SHAC campaign and how 40% of the UK’s vivisection is conducted inside university laboratories, such as Bradford and how we need to remain focused and close these hell holes down. Sean Kirtley, who was wrongfully imprisoned under SOCPA, then spoke about how we need to carry on supporting political prisoners, despite state oppression and violence.

Thanks go out to everybody who came and made the day so successful, Veggies for the brilliant vegan food and the Austrian TV film crew who covered the demo for their upcoming documentary.

Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford (SAEAB)
Email: saeab@hushmail.com

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