30 Fur Farms Investigated In Finland


Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta Eläimille and Animal Defenders International have released a joint investigation into Finnish fur farms.

Investigation included 30 different fur farms which were visited during the summer and autumn of 2009. The results show widespread animal abuse, intense suffering and neglect. Many animals were suffering from eye-infections, injured limbs, open wounds, bitten off tails, deformed limbs and ears, mouth diseases and overgrowth of gums among others. Animals also suffered from stereotypical behavior, fear and apathy.

Also, the prolonged suffering was proved by visiting some farms many times. One particularly bad farm was filmed three times, in a period of four months. In this farms there was a breeding male fox, whose head was at a strange angle, eyes and mouth were infected, claws were over grown and his ear was withered. After four months the animal was still there, and his condition was as awful, if not worse.

The activists also filmed a fur farm, which belongs to the head of the Finnish Fur Breeder's Association. This farm was the worst mink farm of the investigation. He also had foxes in the farm. Mink had eye-infections, open wounds and bitten-off ears. Foxes were very frightened, one fox had an injured ear and some of the cages were
dangerously broken so the animals could injure themselves. This shows that these are not individual cases: systematic animal abuse takes place in all Finnish fur farms.

In Finland approximately three million animals are killed annually at fur farms. The footage shows the everyday life of these animals. It's time to ban fur farming in Finland and put an end to this suffering.

Look at the videos and pictures and demand the ban!

A short video: http://vimeo.com/9476403


The video and photos of the fur farm which was visited three times:

The video and photos of the head of The Fur Breeders' Association:

In English (a campaign video etc): www.furstop.com


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