Demand For Change At UCLA


by Camille Marino
Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over

YA BASTA!!! ENOUGH!!! Game Change at UCLA

The UCLA Pro-Test network of animal mutilators are incensed that some of us have no desire or inclination to be civil, respectful, and obedient — our disruptive behavior is a distraction when they sit down to carve up their victims. And, as they have graciously demonstrated, they feel intimidated, they are frustrated, and they are forcefully striking back in an attempt to derail our new model of non-tolerance and militant confrontation. To the pretentious pseudo-science community, get used to it. You are hereby advised that those carefree days of bathing in blood and peaceful evenings spent dreaming up torture regimens are over. Someday you will look back nostalgically at an innocent time when you had only the ALF to fear.


Animal Mutilator Dario Ringach: “I fully support and defend the use of animals (including primates) in responsible biomedical research.”
Seeking solace, the violent degenerates have banded together. Over the past roughly 36 hours, they have been churning out a steady stream of whiney drivel and propaganda in a coordinated effort to attack this site and negate the animal liberation movement. In the sample of links that follow, notice that their party line is wearing woefully thin. Apparently, this is all they have: (1) animal rights activists are “terrorists;” (2) civil discourse is sabotaged by “extremists;” and (3) were it not for animal experimentation, we would all be ravaged by leprosy and polio. There is one fact that conveniently eludes every last one of them. By virtue of their speciesist definition, vivisectors exclude nonhuman animals from their sphere of moral consideration. The mutilators rationalize the violent injuries they inflict on the innocent and deny the fear and panic they evoke in their victims. They are authentic terrorists and serial murderers.

Time to get mad. Time to speak up

Animal rights thugs: Researchers’ children are not off limits

Crazies Make Me Feel Uncomfortable: The Animal Rights Terrorists

Here we go again….

Terrorists of the animal rights movement

Pharyngula on Speaking of Research

Animal Rights Activists Plan to Leaflet School of UCLA Scientist’s Kid

Animal Rights Terrorists Target Children

Anals of Just Wrong: Animal Rights Activists Threaten Kids…

The sycophantic followers of these blogs have logged over 42,000 hits on NIO in the past 24 hours. It’s clear that they are all confused because, as far as some of us are concerned, the time for rational discourse has expired and the time for militant and implacable struggle has commenced. Orchestrated “discussions” are public relations stunts. They don’t concern the animals imprisoned in labs. They don’t impress me. They certainly don’t exonerate the sadists.


1) I’ve seen dozens of comments, assertions, and allegations that I personally threaten and intimidate the oppressed vivisectors. Let’s clarify this. I threaten no one. I promise, however, to expose them and their atrocities until they hang up their bloody white coats. And, if this intimidates them, then every activist needs to vehemently pursue this avenue. Animal mutilators have earned the right to be fearful. Who are we to deprive them?

2) Animal liberationists are united. We have amazing activists on the ground in Los Angeles. This site is here to support them, publicize their campaigns, and galvanize our entire community. Pro-Test is equally as insidious as HLS, but far more dangerous — they are animal terrorism activists! This is unacceptable and it is our job to discourage this behavior. Be creative. Be militant. Be confrontational. Follow the advise of MLK and Gandhi: bring the fight to them.

3) It’s been suggested repeatedly that I should find something better to do with my time… protest a butcher, commit suicide, target pedophiles. All stellar ideas! But… NO! In fact, I’ve decided that rather than do a local demo this weekend, it would be far more valuable to compile mailing addresses for Culver City. Before we know it, we’ll be moving over to Beverly Glen Boulevard. And then… we’ll see who gets the spotlight next. Remember, if we can’t reach out and touch someone in person, there’s always snail mail. And the neighbors have a right to know. Get used to it!

4) If you have been inside the UCLA torture chambers, I want to publish your story. Pictures? Videos? Names? Let’s get the information out there. White coat terrorists may no longer rely on anonymity and we must work to expose their dirty little secrets as well. Oh, and please spare me the charges of terrorism, illegality, criminality, etc. Your information is in the public domain. I am acting completely within my rights under the law.

5) Animal activists throughout the world: This is no time to be compliant and subdued! ENOUGH! Instead of signing a petition, call a parasitic vivisector on the phone and tell him/her that you’re watching. Instead of circulating a link on Facebook, think about sending an email to a UCLA abuser and copy some local newspapers. Demand that they release their victims. There is nothing else to discuss.


In Time to get mad. Time to speak up, Janet D. Stemwedel discusses an “infuriating” situation and asks: “Express the view that scientific research is worth doing, plan on your kids being harassed? Is that what we’ve come to? Is this really the society we want to live in?”

If I might be so presumptuous as to interject — YES, JANET! That is the society that I want to live in. If daddy is carving up monkeys for money, junior and the neighbors and the mailman are going to find out.

J. David Jentsch responds (learn from it):

“For those that support research or researchers, I offer a number of possibilities that will allow you to become involved in this struggle:

1) Participate however you can in supporting science and scientists. This may include forceful statements about the values of academic freedom and calls for your University administration to make categorical statements about threats to controversial research. Get ahead of the curve and condemn it on principle, not just because someone in your University is being threatened.”

Our community needs to call UCLA administration. Be relentless. Demand that they stop harboring and financing serial torture murderers… and THEN we’ll take them off speed-dial.

2) “Write letters to the editor of your local papers about your position on research. Promote science education and an understanding of biomedical research through presentations about science at your children’s school.”
We need to engage the media. Write letters to your local editors. Explain that we no longer use the euphemism “research” and explain why the term “animal mutilation” is far more accurate.

3) “Speak to your friends and family members who hold views critical of research. Open a dialogue with them. Compare notes about what you feel the ethical basis for conducting animal research is and why you think it is justifiable. Try to achieve an agreement that they should condemn those in their movement that support ‘direct action’ (which is a barely concealed attempt at rebranding criminal behavior).”

We need to make it clear that there is no ethical, justifiable, or acceptable manner in which to imprison and torment helpless individuals. Engage your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours. Explain that animal welfare laws simply regulate confinement, starvation, dehydration, moderate pain, severe pain, prolonged pain, death, and everything in between. Vivisectors are scum and warrant no respect. Don’t equivocate.

4) “Write to your Congressperson and Senators and demand that they strengthen and support legislation that increases civil and criminal penalties against activists who go beyond Constitutionally-protected speech and begin resorting to criminal harassment and stalking. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism act is under judicial review. The House and Senate need to consider revisions and extensions now.”

While the vivisectors are busy calling their Senators and financing more repressive legislation, we should visit, call, and write David Jentsch – consistently, persistently, and continuously. His information is readily available online and I’ll be more than happy to direct anyone if necessary. Jentsch dedicates his life to promoting animal abuse. We owe him some dedication in return.

5) “If anti-research activists show up on campus or in your community with their dated pictures and slogans, show up as well and present your own perspective forcefully but articulately.”

I have current pictures of atrocities courtesy of Dario Ringach that I will gladly distribute. His associate is hoping to deflect attention. Don’t let him!
6) “Foster your own campus dialogues with animal rights activists, but refuse to respond to, engage with or involve persons unwilling to PUBLICLY condemn people that support or apologize for direct action campaigns.”

Animal mutilators engage in violent direct action against the innocent AND they publicly promote their savagery. Anyone who does not PUBLICLY CONDEMN these vile aberrations should be deemed a collaborator.

The Line is Drawn

At UCLA we take our stand. In the guarded stench of privilege and speciesism on the green hills of this campus, where terrorism and murder have for too long been ignored and tolerated, here is where we draw a line in the sand and reinvigorate the militant direct action tactics that the pundits and pacifists say are outmoded and counter-productive. Here is the Rubicon for us to cross, and once we do, we fight, and we take the fight anywhere and everywhere animals are imprisoned, held captive, tortured, and murdered, as we burn into our hearts the words that species terrorism is never justified under any conditions!

Camille Marino, TPC’s Editor of Vegan Agitation, is an animal liberationist, an extraordinary agitator and activist, and is the founder and editor of Negotiation is Over. In her words, “It’s time to stop waving signs at cars or trying to enlighten the apathetic. The fight for the rights of non-human people is urgent and requires us to act outside the box.”

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