Finnish Fur Campaign

Annonymous report:

Following the release of the fur farm investigation in Finland last week, we have had amazing progress.

Today we had a demo with over 300 people demanding a fur farm ban and the resignation of the agricultural minister! It was the biggest AR demo in Finland for over ten years! We also handed in a petition with over 7000 names demanding the resignation of the agricultural minister.

Here is a short video of the demo:

The demo is the first news on this tv-channel: and in all other channels it was one of the top news. We will also be in all newspapers tomorrow.

Also, there are over 24 000 people in our Facebook group demanding the end of the fur industry, and it's rapidly growing:

Yesterday, an MP of the Green Party demanded the agricultural minister "be recycled, if not put straight to the waste bin".

It's really taking off here, the government is going to discuss the fur farm issue this week, and it seems that the general public is mostly in favour of a ban.


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