Hare Massacre


No mercy shown in callous slaughter of animal loved by the public

At 11.30 am on Saturday 6 February 2010, over 130 nationally scarce hares on the Raveningham Estate (Norfolk) were happily basking in the winter sunshine. By 2 pm they had been laid out cold for display on the patio of the Old Granary Studio barn, (more often used for wedding functions and other happy occasions).

The shooters and beaters were inside, laughing, joking and stuffing their faces at a long table. When vocal condemnation was heard, these poor creatures were hurriedly slung into the back of a Land Rover and quickly driven away. Their ears and feet were seen by onlookers poking skyward.

Please complain about this disgusting event to:

Raveningham Estate
The Estate Office,
NR14 6NS

Tel.: 01508 548152
E-mail: info@raveningham.com

http://www.nwhsa.org.uk Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports




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