The Animals Film


It was 28 years ago that the documentary maker Victor Schonfeld produced The Animals Film about the way humans exploit other species. He returns to the subject in a two-part documentary to give a very personal view on what, if anything, has changed since then. In part two he focuses on the scientific establishment's attachment to using animals, and considers the future. Might social justice for other species actually benefit humans?

Here is the link to listen to the vivisection part of the recent BBC World Service Victor Schonfeld broadcast, "listen now" Scroll down a bit for part one, which was about meat.

Here is Victor Schonfeld's Animals film website

And here is his film production website

Here's the follow up article by Victor Schonfeld, criticising Peta, printed in the Guardian after his recent BBC world service broadcast

And here's Ingrid Newkirk's response, also printed in the Guardian

From Dusk 'til Dawn
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