Wolves Liberated From Midwest Research Centre


Three wolves released, one remains free after a pen was opened in an overnight action. Monday morning, workers discovered three wolves had been released from a pen at the Wildlife Science Centre in Forest Lake, MN. Two wolves have been recaptured, but one remains free. Only 350 of the rare Mexican Grey Wolves are known to exist. On Sunday night or early Monday morning, person(s) unknown climbed the centre’s front fence and used a long pole to pry open a latch on the Mexican wolf pen. Predictably, the wolves captors have called this freeing of caged animals “ecoterrorism”. The executive director of the center stated - ““I’m completely convinced this is an anti-hunting group that is out to get me”. The Wildlife Science Center is said to house bears, wolves, lynx, cougars and other animals used for “education and research”. The facility is on Broadway Avenue, west of Forest Lake.

As of this writing, no communique has been received.
- Peter Young


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