Letter: End Animal Testing


I AGREE we need an open dialogue about animal experimentation issues (“How would you feel if this was you?”, Magazine, last week). It is now widely acknowledged that, like humans, animals suffer pain and distress. Researchers have described depression and anxiety disorders in animals used in experiments. Many excuses historically used to justify abuses of human research subjects are now offered to defend animal research practices. We must reconsider the protection of animals and also the failures of animal experimentation. Genetic differences across species manifest as profound differences in disease physiology and treatment effectiveness. That explains why more than 80 HIV/Aids vaccines and approximately 150 stroke treatments successful in animals have failed in human trials. A move towards computer models, human cell lines and other human-based methods would be both ethically and scientifically

Dr Hope Ferdowsian, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington DC, USA

The Sunday Times.



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