Please Be Honest Over Animal Testing


Letter to the Editor

As a veterinary surgeon for 30 years I feel Ben Goldacre's article is itself full of flaws ("Animal research study shows many tests are full of flaws", Guardian 23 January), beginning with his unwavering assertion that "Animal experiments are necessary". Next problem is the image used in the article, which portrays monkey research as being little more than a marshmallow picnic. A more accurate representation would have been to label that image as "before surgery" and to add a second image portraying what the monkey looks like after major surgery. Once again, the article presents an unsuspecting public with the "scientists versus terrorists" paradigm, with no attempt at any serious scientific debate on whether animal experiments actually work. Thankfully, some of us still remember Minister Caroline Flint's clear statement in 2004, that “The Home Office has not commissioned or evaluated any formal research on the efficacy of animal experiments … and has no plans to do so”.

Andre Menache MRCVS
Director Antidote Europe


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