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1. Email to Dario Ringach: (UCLA Primate Vivisector) I believe you are chopping up primates again… maybe for $1.3 million?

2. Support Mel Broughton

Mel Broughton has been fighting for animal rights for over 30 years. He’s worked in animal sanctuaries and campaigned against zoos, circuses, factory farms and live exports. In order to liberate Rocky — a dolphin that had been captured and confined in a concrete pool since 1971 — Broughton helped raise £120,000 to “purchase” him from Marineland, and in 1991 the dolphin was transferred and released.[1] Although he was never convicted of a single violent act, in 1999 Broughton was sentenced to four years for a conspiracy conviction....

3. The No Kill Declaration!

This year, some four million dogs and cats will be killed in shelters. The vast majority can and should be placed into loving homes or should never enter shelters in the first place. But there is hope. No Kill sheltering models, based on innovative, non-lethal programs and services, have already saved the lives of tens of thousands of animals. But instead of embracing No Kill, many shelters—and their national agency allies—cling to their failed models of the past, models that result in the killing of millions of dogs and cats in U.S. shelters every year....

4. My Student is a Sociologist, Not a Terrorist

On November 17, 2009, Scott DeMuth was jailed for contempt of court, since he refused to answer questions posed to him by a federal grand jury in Davenport, Iowa. They were interested in questioning him about his knowledge of an unsolved Animal Liberation Front action in 2004 at the University of Iowa. Scott is a University of Minnesota graduate student and Dakota language student. Scott took a principled stand against the grand jury and paid for it with a contempt charge and, two days later, a charge of conspiracy to commit “animal enterprise terrorism.....

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