Swedish Mink Farm Conditions Exposed


Undercover investigation reveals horrific animal cruelty at Swedish mink farms – photos could bring an end to Sweden’s fur industry During 2009 and 2010, the Animal Rights Alliance took undercover photo and video at one- fifth of all of the fur farms in Sweden. Investigative materials show that mink on Swedish fur farms live under miserable conditions – worse than previously recognized. The results of the investigation could bring the fur industry in Sweden to an end. In 2003, a governmental commission of inquiry gave mink farms until 2010 to comply with the Animal Welfare Act. The commission of inquiry concluded that if the fur farms did not comply with the law, then the farming of mink for fur should be partly or totally banned.

“Our investigative material clearly proves that the fur industry has done nothing to improve conditions for mink on fur farms. At the majority of the farms that we visited, we found evidence of stereotypical behavior, multiple cases of cannibalism, and countless mink with gaping wounds, missing ears and rampant infections. The animals react to stress and frustration in their extremely small cages by biting each other to death”, says Malin Gustafsson, spokesperson for the Animal Rights Alliance.

She continues:

“Mink naturally spend more than half of their time in water; they would normally climb and run several kilometers every day. The Animal Welfare Act in Sweden states that all animals should be allowed to live according to their natural needs. Fur farms are a mockery of the law. With only a month left until the 2010 national election, many Swedes are eager to know if the Swedish political parties intend to respect the Animal Welfare Act and ban fur farming. We certainly hope so”.

Beyond documenting violations of the Animal Cruelty Act, the Animal Rights Alliance also documented many environmental offenses. Contrary to regulation, sewage frm many farms ran straight out into the surrounding environment and mink carcasses were not disposed of properly.

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