Middlesex Activists Head For Heathrow


Activists in Middlesex headed for Heathrow Airport as part of the Gateway to Hell day of action.

Leaflets were distributed throughout the main terminals, informing travelers of the thousands of animals transported through the airport destined to die on laboratory cage floors.

Following this, we headed for the Animal Quarantine Station at the south of the airport. This is the unit where laboratory animals are transported through, before heading to vivisection facilities across the country. Leaflets were given to staff and those collecting companion animals, some of whom were horrified at the idea that their pets were held alongside sentient beings who will suffer a lingering death as part of archaic experiments. Security shortly joined us, as did a large number of police officers and we were escourted from the BAA Heathrow premises.

Heathrow is a hub for the import and export of laboratory animals. We strongly urge members of staff to leak information about the various companies operating from there and their involvement in animal testing.

For the animals, until next time.



From Dusk 'til Dawn
An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement

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