NASA Monkeys Spared


Animals victory: NASA cancels plans to dose monkeys with radiation

Certainly a victory for the animals that would have been used in a $1.75 million project to inject 2-pound squirrel monkeys with doses of high-energy radiation has been stopped after activists, including PETA, showed the country the horrors of such experimentation. PETA and other animal rights groups have called much of NASA’s policies of using animals in experiments “cruel and unnecessary.” Many authoritative texts on animal testing and animal rights have pointed out that much of the data garnered in the testing process is disregarded by experts because humans are too different than animals.

NASA operates the Brookhaven Lab’s Space Radiation Laboratory where the experiments would have occurred. NASA has been in the media often in recent months after more and more reports of animal testing come from the US Space Program. Controversy over this specific experiment has been large, with protests and campaigns calling for the cancellation of the monkey experiments. Paul McCartney and Alicia Silverstone had joined the campaign to force NASA to shut down the project.

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