One More Mink Farm Closes Down (Italy)


"According to a statement published in December 2009 a small, new mink farm near Carbognano (Viterbo province) was hit. The cages in a long shed where hundreds of mink were locked up were opened and demolished. Based on this information, at the end of March 2010 the ALIU (Animal Liberation Investigation Unit) visited the farm to confirm its almost certain closure. Here are the photos where you can see the dismantled shed, the piles of cages and the absence of mink. A message written by unknown liberators on the night when the farm was hit is still visible on the walls. Once again, as with the farm in San Cesareo, direct action gets results, one less executioner. The ALIU will maintain a high level of alertness just in case any of these exploiters is stupid enough to revive their shameful activities.

ALIU (Animal Liberation Investigation Unit) "


You can find a communique from the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit and some pictures regarding a new small mink farm closing down in Italy:

The most interesting thing is that this farm according to the chambre of commerce opened its activity in 2009, got raided in december of the same year and was found closed down a few months later!

AIAV, the italian mink breeders association, was recently putting ads in agriculture magazines saying that mink farming is a good investement... well, here is the proof!:)

This is the 4th mink farm closing in the last 12 months... and one more quite big has announced closure at the end of 2010.


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