Over 100 Beagles Rescued


Over 100 Beagles Rescued from Bankrupt Animal Testing Lab

Great Beagle Escape!

A cold, lonely research laboratory is no place to call home. Especially if you’re a fun loving beagle like Liberty here, and thanks to Best Friends Animal Society and Pets Alive, she’s gone from lab to lap almost overnight! Just in time for Independence Day – these dogs have something wonderful to truly celebrate.

While the 120-something odd beagles living at the facility were not used for invasive testing, their lives were far from idyllic. The beagles had a champion in Camille Hankins of Win Animal Rights, who followed their plight from research subjects to refugees. The economic downturn took its toll on the research laboratory and these lives were left in limbo until the wheels of the beagle freedom train started spinning. Best Friends was made aware of the situation through the Community Animal Assistance department and things started moving as soon as word got out that the beagles had the potential to be released to sanctuaries. Best Friends quickly partnered with Pets Alive to figure out the logistics of moving dozens and dozens of abandoned dogs! Getting over a hundred animals from point A to point B can be a challenge for any organization, so the network of volunteers rallied and the staff readied.

“Best Friends is teaming up with Pets Alive in the New York area to help these beagles get the start they deserve … one that’s long overdue. These dogs have been in a laboratory, too long without friends. First, these beagles will go the safe harbor of Pets Alive where they will get all the care they need. Since these dogs have never had the opportunity to discover their true loveable, comical, often boisterous nature which makes beagles such a favorite family dog, Pets Alive and Best Friends are committed to help these dogs discover their true personalities,” said Judah Battista, senior manager, Community Programs and Services, Best Friends Animal Society. Liberty and her extended pack are all between two and five years of age, having lived in a facility their whole lives they are about to start on their new adventure - great timing for freedom on the Fourth. Good-bye sterile steel cages, hello warm fluffy bed!

New Jersey-based St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center stepped in to take 30 of the dogs. Thanks to donations from people like you, Liberty and 90 of her friends are headed to Pets Alive where they will all be vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and microchipped before being sent on their way to sanctuaries and adoptive homes. Best Friends is providing support by supplying staff for daily care, covering their medical and transportation costs, and networking with other rescue groups to get these dogs the best chances of going home, as soon as possible. Approximately 30 of these special guys and gals will be coming back to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where they will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. Battista, who is on the ground with the dogs, called in with the first van load of 26 dogs: He was happy to report that the van started really yapping when the beagles were somewhere between Liberty and Independence, New Jersey, on their way to a first chance at a happy life. Pretty fitting for the July 4th weekend!

What makes Liberty and her ‘kind’ so attractive to the scientific community is what also makes her a fabulous family member – personable, sound, and with few genetic health problems, beagles are all around great and loyal companions. Best Friends knows that every dog deserves his day and we’re sending "DogTown" star and staff dog trainer, Pat Whitacre, to assess some of the dogs to help with proper placement. Best Friends is able to do all this because our Members know
that dogs like Liberty matter. Your support saves 120+ dogs from an uncertain future to an exciting future, filled with lots of love and affection!


Network Bestfriends. By Denise LeBeau, Best Friends staff

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