The Animal Protection Party's Next Campaign


The future for the APP is very exciting. In fact, our next campaign is sitting right on our doorstep in London.

The Government’s Medical Research Council (MRC) has joined forces with the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK and University College, London (UCL) to develop the £350 million British Library International Science Site (Bliss) which would be the largest laboratory of its kind in the world accommodating around 1,500 researchers.

The Bliss lab will be a Bio safety (BSL) level 3 containment facility which are primarily used to work on highly dangerous and infectious agents such as: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, SARS and Yellow Fever amongst many others. Apart from the animal rights issue, this lab poses a very real threat to the whole of London should one of these viruses escape, and we believe that something should be done to stop it being built.

We hope you will join us, like others have done, on this important campaign. Please contact us on

Thank you


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