Uni Security Attacks Animal Activists


Cambridge Uni Security Injures Animal Activists

Elderly female campaigner sustains injuries and is taken to hospital.

On Friday 23rd July 2010 protesters were back at Cambridge University to protest against the use of animals in experiments by the academic institution. This time the group were specifically focusing on the primate experiments that the University carry out.

The protesters started off with an anti-primate experiments stall in town and then moved to the Uni's Downing Street site where they encouraged staff to 'blow the whistle' about cruelty at the site.

Security were soon surrounding the activists along with one male who was not wearing any identification. This male told a young male protester to stop using the megaphone or he would take it off him. The protester refused stating the man had no right to take his property. When the protester resumed use of the megaphone the man knocked him to the ground and began dragging him along the floor eventually prising the megaphone from the protester. In the process the protester sustained bruising to his elbow and swelling to his hand.

An elderly female protester in her 80's came up to tell the man to stop his unprovoked attack. At this point she was knocked to the ground by the man in question. Helped up by fellow campaigners she was moved to a wall where protesters waited with her for the police to arrived (who had been ironically called by security). When the police arrived a paramedic was sent for and she was taken to hospital.

Complaints were made to the police. If this is how Cambridge Uni deal with peaceful protesters it makes you wonder how they treat their animals – as if we didn't know!

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