Lumley Pulls Out of Opening Harrods Sale


On hearing that this woman, who claims to care for animals, was to open the Harrods sale anti fur activists bombarded her with correspondencea and film of animals being skinned alive and caught in traps and so on. She didn't turn up to open the sale but failed to adequately explain why.

Joanna Lumley provokes questions by checking out at Harrods

Joanna Lumley, a close friend of the Duke of Edinburgh, has pulled out at the last minute from appearing at Harrods.

 In a move that is likely to provoke much speculation, Joanna Lumley pulled out on Friday from opening the Harrods summer sale.

Executives at the department store, which was recently sold by Mohamed Fayed to the Qatari royal family in a £1.5 billion deal, had hoped that the appearance on Saturday morning of the actress, who is a close friend of the Duke of Edinburgh, would herald a "step change" in its history.

The coats of arms of the Queen, Prince Philip, the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales used to be displayed from the four corners of the Knightsbridge shop until 2000. The warrants were discontinued, with the Royal family's spokesman saying they had ceased to be patrons. Their move was associated with bizarre claims by Fayed that the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and his son Dodi in a car crash had been the result of a plot involving the Duke.

"It is with much regret that, having been called by management to attend urgent rehearsals for my new play, La Bête, I will be unable to attend Harrods summer sale opening event," Lumley confirms.

"I would like to send my sincere apologies to any disappointed fans that may have travelled to Harrods to see me."

Her place will be taken by Eva Herzigova, the supermodel.

Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden



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