Unforeseen in Animal Tests

News reports, 20th May to 18th June

“Cholesterol drug side effects need watching: study.” Reuters. 20 May 2010

“J&J strengthens warning about suicide on painkillers.” APP.com. 25 May 2010.

“FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that it has approved a revised label for Xenical to include new safety information about cases of severe liver injury that have been reported rarely with the use of this medication.” FDA Medwatch. 26 May 2010

“GTx plunges on study failure. GTx drops after company says toremifene did not meet goals in preventing prostate cancer.” Yahoo News. 26 May 2010

“Government promises new money for cancer drugs after NICE rejects liver cancer treatment” BMJ 26th May 2010;340:c2832

“U.S. warns of liver risk with Glaxo, Roche diet drugs” Reuters. 26 May 2010..

“2 drugs’ suicide warnings toughened.” Boston.com. 26 May 2010“Study links skin reactions to AstraZeneca drug. New product to treat respiratory ailments faces scrutiny from FDA.”  Delaware Online. 28 May 2010.

“AstraZeneca's Recentin flunks colon cancer tests. Astra won't submit drug for first-line colorectal cancer.” Reuters. 28 May 2010

“Antidepressants increase miscarriage risk by 68%.” Daily Mirror. 1 June 2010 “Glaxo settles more Avandia lawsuits in U.S.” Reuters. 1 June 2010

“Shares of Marshall Edwards Inc. fell Tuesday after the company said its potential ovarian cancer treatment failed in a late-stage study.” Bloomberg Business Week. 1 June 2010 

 “Antidepressants known as SSRIs increase risk of cataracts, study says.” Los Angeles Times. 1 June 2010

“FDA orders new asthma drug warnings to take effect.” Reuters. 2 June 2010

 “Two drugs—labetalol and methyldopa—commonly taken for high blood pressure during pregnancy may negatively affect children’s functional development” BMJ 4 June 2010;340:c2888

 “Australian government says healthy under 5s should not be given seasonal flu jab” BMJ 7 June 2010, doi:10.1136/bmj.c2991

 “Discovery Labs lung drug disappoints in mid-stage trial.  Drug did not significantly cut artificial breathing time.” Best Growth Stock. 9 June 2010

 “Antiseizure Drug Increases Birth Defect Risk”. Medpage Today. 9 June 2010. 

 “Many serious adverse reactions to this year’s seasonal influenza vaccine have occurred across Australia, and its use remains suspended in children aged 5 years and under.” BMJ 9 June 2010. 2010;340:c2994

 “Viagra may double hearing loss risk - More study needed.” Arab Times. 10 June 2010

 “FDA is evaluating data from two clinical trials in which patients with type 2 diabetes taking the blood pressure medication, Benicar (olmesartan), an angiotensin II receptor blocker, had a higher rate of death from a cardiovascular cause compared to patients taking a placebo.” FDA Medwatch. 11 June 2010

  “FDA official attacks safety of Glaxo's Avandia-WSJ.” Reuters. 11 June 2010.

 “University Hospitals cardiologists warn of cancer risk in drugs for hypertension, heart failure.” Cleveland. 13 June 2010

 “Common blood pressure drugs may raise cancer risk.” Reuters. 13 June 2010 

 “Bayer Drug Trial Fails.” Blogging Stocks. 14 June 2010.“Bayer, Onyx: Late-stage lung cancer trial fails.” Market Watch. 14 June 2010

 “Therapies for Cancer Bring Hope and Failure.” New York Times. 14 June 2010.

 “Blood Pressure Drugs Linked to Cancer. Angiotensin-Receptor Blockers Raise Risk of Developing Cancer, Research Shows” WebMD. 14 June 2010

“This posting includes 23 products with safety labeling changes” FDA Medwatch. 15 June 2010

 “Six malformations associated with valproic acid in pregnancy” N Engl J Med 2010;362:2185-93  BMJ 15th June 2010

“Nexavar fails in lung cancer trial. Inpharm.” 15 June 2010.

“Boehringer Sex Pill May Not Aid Women, FDA Staff Say” Bloomberg. 16 June 2010

 “New study revives cancer fears for Sanofi's Lantus.  Study suggests possible cancer link with high-dose Lantus.”  Reuters. 18 June 2010.

 "Tests on animals have led to around 100 drugs being thought potentially useful for stroke; not one has proved effective in humans. You don't need to be a balaclava-wearing animal rights activist to question the value of animal studies in this area of medical research." TheFirstPost. 25 January 2007.



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