Vegan Streaker Jailed for Freeing Mink

An animal rights activist known as the vegan streaker has been jailed for 265 days (180 suspended) and given 240 hours of community service for releasing 2,500 mink from a fur farm in Zeeland in 2009.
Peter Janssen, 24, admitted releasing the animals. Most were caught soon afterwards but 50 died and around 100 were never caught.
A 21-year-old woman was found not guilty of the same charges.
The fur farm owner has submitted a €450,00 damages claim against Jansen for lost income because of stress caused to the animals and the damage to their pelts while they were free, the Telegraaf said.
Janssen got his nickname after streaking through a television show where a Paul de Leeuw programme was being recorded.


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