Adverse Drug Reactions and Drug Failures

From 8th Feb to 14th March

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· “Diabetes Heart Treatments May Cause Harm.”

· “Cataracts From Antidepressants? Study: 22,000 U.S. Cataract Cases May Be Due to SSRI Antidepressants.”

· Pfizer shares fall as cancer drug fails

· “Roche’s Prostate Cancer Drug Marks a Failure in a Clinical Trial”

· “Off-label prescriptions lucrative but dangerous.”

· “Novartis Heart, Diabetes Drugs Fail to Prevent Disease in Study.”

· “Plavix is given FDA's strongest warning.”

· “Pfizer Says Two Cancer Drugs Fail in Clinical Trials”

· “FDA Medwatch. February 2010 Drug Safety Labeling Changes” - 24 boxed warnings added

· Health threat of drug promotion to elderly in care homes

· Alzheimer’s drug fails

· “Roche, Biogen suspends arthritis drug after deaths”

· “Astra's colon cancer drug fails test.”

· Astra Zeneca shares crash as drugs fail

· Newer epilepsy drugs more dangerous for children

· Popular drugs (Prozac, painkillers) can lead to a fatal heart attack

· Avandia linked to heart disorders

· Court links Roche's Accutane to bowel disease.

· “Hormone replacement tied to lung cancer risk”

· “Avastin fails stomach-cancer trial”

· “Serious Side Effects Seen with Novel Nephropathy Drug”

· “Chemicals suspected in breast cancer, US experts want tests.”

· “Did Popular Birth Control Drug Cause Death?”

· “My limbs burnt. This has ruined my life” (ADR)

· “Merck’s HIV treatment fails in phase III”

· “FDA aims to limit use of LABA asthma meds”

· FDA Medwatch. MedWatch January 2010 Drug Safety Labeling Changes.

“This posting includes 36 drug products with safety labelling changes to the following sections: BOXED WARNING, CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, ADVERSE REACTIONS,PATIENT PACKAGE INSERT, and MEDICATION GUIDE.”

· FDA issue boxed warning to Exjade.

· Is asthma drug Advair linked to asthma deaths?

· “HRT doubles heart disease risk in two years”

· Cholesterol drugs increase diabetes risk

· Drugs can make tumours grow faster

· “FDA rejects Glaxo-XenoPort restless-leg drug.”

· “Fracture risk tied to diabetes drug.”

· “'Dangerous' cold remedies should be taken off the shelves”

· “FDA Staff Raises Concerns About NHL Drug.”

· “Merck Pays $12 Million in Lawyer Fees to End Vioxx Suits.”

· BMJ Editorial: “Avoid coprescribing paroxetine and tamoxifen in women with breast cancer”

· “Australian Court: Vioxx Doubled Heart Attack Risk”

· “Popular antidepressant interferes with cancer drug.”

· “Merck to Change Safety Procedures, Pay Fees to End Vioxx Suits.”

· “Estrogen hormone therapy linked to asthma in study.”


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