Another Mink Farm Closes in Italy


One more mink farm shut down its activity this year in Italy

The farm "Agricola Casilina" in San Cesareo (Rome) was still open and imprisoning animals at the end of 2008. They had about 2000 breeders + thousands more minks in 15 sheds.

In January 2010 an inspection of the farm revealed it was no longer operation, in fact it was no longer there! The camp layout of sheds had been completely dismantled

a video here:
(the pics at the beginning are not of this farm. the text says "this is how a mink farm usually looks like")

Perhaps of some coincidence is the fact that this farm has been hit by raids four times in recent years seeing the release of thousands of animals.

This leaves no more than 15 mink farms left in Italy.

In 2002 250.000 mink were killed in the country, down to 150.000 in 2008, quite a sharp reduction due to the closure of many farms. It’s a horrific count but it’s coming down.

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